As physical therapists and fitness professionals of physical therapy business is there a way to earn revenue after clinic / facility hours?

We should find ways on how to earn money on marketing physical therapy for our private practice so there is income even while we sleep.

Yes, if you have your own products. A product can be a DVD, audio CD, an ‘inner circle’ patient newsletter, a membership based website or an ‘infoproduct’, like an e-book that can be sold and delivered by a third party.

Sorry for the start of this video.. blame it on my wife.. she was just figuring out how to use the camcorder..:)

As professionals, the way we make money is:

Give a patient your time > get reimbursed by insurance companies (takes time)

As recurring revenue kings, the way we CAN make money is:

Give a product your time > leverage it with tens, perhaps hundreds (if you plan well, perhaps thousands) of individuals > get paid a little money from all these individuals > get paid instantly.

Let’s say you spend 1 hour working with a patient, and your practice is reimbursed $90 (if you are lucky).

Now, let’s say you spend 1 hour developing an e-book on health and physical therapy, it sells for $19, and 100 people buy it.

This book just made you $1900.

Taking this concept to the next level, what if you sold access to a “Secrets To Pain Relief” email newsletter that you send out once a month to selected patients, for a free of just $9 a month. If you can get 20 patients to commit, you are making $180 a month for a newsletter that will take you 20-30 minutes to write.

Now, you make $180 a month for the rest of your life, even if the number of subscribers does not increase.

You must earn money while you sleep. You must continue to earn more and more money from the same patient and maximise the ‘cash collection’ from each patient, using a continuity program.

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