Fitness and Physical Therapy Website Critique

Your website is a window to the world, and patients who are considering coming to you make an instant decision about your practice based on your website and the initial phone call they make to your clinic.

A successful website has several components that work seamlessly, chiefly content and tracking tools.

Take 10 minutes to analyze your website today. A few changes can make a big impact on your image, referral capabilities and profitability.

Important questions to ask :

– Do you provide relevant, patient friendly information to visitors?
– Do you have a system in place to track visitor information and communicate with patients after they have visited your website?

Some therapists manage their own website while others outsource the task. In both cases, the emphasis is usually on design, good looking logos, expensive equipment and other factors, which the patient finds largely irrelevant.

The big question you need to ask, if you currently own a website is: “How do I improve the potential of my website to attract new patients or clients?”

When you set up your website, instant email newsletters represent a great way to build relationships with website visitors and reinforce connections with old clients.

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