How Do You Sell Fitness Training Services?

Most fitness professionals do not bother maintaining a database of their current or prospective clients. This is the single biggest mistake that you can make. You can us a customer database to retain your existing clients as well as prospect for new ones. In short, a customer list will be the first step in showing you how to sell fitness.

In the fitness training business, you are likely to have a maximum of 20 to 30 customers unless you are a big studio. Imagine if even 5 of these customers decide to leave you. A list of current customers, prospectives as well as strategic alliance partners will help you strategize and maximize your profitability by proving a ready reckoner of people who believe in you and trust you.

Many fitness professionals want to know how to sell fitness to their clients and yet widen their client base. If your business model is based wholly on selling training services this is a little difficult to achieve. This is because as a trainer you can only devote that much of time to x number of clients. After a while, you will run out of time and will reach the maximum limit. So the trick is to create and develop products that you can sell along with your training services. This also ensures that you are not totally dependent on your current clients. You will have a supplementary income from the sale of products even if you suddenly lose some of your clients for some reason.

You can use your customer list to develop clients who train with you as well as those who just buy product from you. This will add depth and volume to your long term marketing plan. A larger customer bas provides cushioning and gives you both stability and security.

Once you’ve got your customer database in place, next, get a time management strategy in place. Of the time that you spend in marketing your fitness services, devote 30% to 50% on customers outside your existing customer list. Us the rest of your time to market your services to your current customers through up-sell, resell and cross sell strategies.

So the question is not just how to sell fitness but how to sell fitness effectively in order to maximize your gains and reach critical mass.

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