How Do You Start Marketing A Physical Therapy Clinic?

The power of being able to heal excites you and is the driving force behind your becoming a physical therapist. You know you are good at what you do and you plan to set up a clinic. However, you don’t have a clue about how to get customers to your clinic. This is where physical therapy marketing comes in.

Physical therapy marketing uses a three pronged approach: get the clients, keep them hooked on and get some more. If you want to remain clear of the marketing aspect of your clinic, just hire a physical therapy marketing company to help you out. Else, here are some tips to help you market your physical therapy clinic.

Start by meeting doctors and convincing them of your abilities. Doctors are often asked to recommend a physical therapist, so you need to market yourself well so that you get referred. Offer to a demonstration of your techniques to doctors if they are willing to give you a chance so that they can be convinced that you are good enough for them to send their patients to.

It is important for you to market yourself even when you are with a patient. Just make sure that it doesn’t seem very obvious! There is nothing like word of mouth publicity from your current patients to get you referrals. This is the second and third prong of your physical therapy marketing plan. Adopt a bedside manner that makes your patients return to you. So while you retain your old customers, you also get more when they refer their family and friends.

Seek out opportunities to market yourself and indirectly your business. At some point you might feel that physical therapy marketing along with your practice is getting too much for you to handle. Hand the marketing over to a specialized physical marketing therapy company. Ultimately, use physical therapy marketing effectively to make your physical therapy clinic a success.

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