Marketing Your Personal Training Business

Personal training marketing is not as challenging as it may seem, even in this economic climate.

If you’ve been struggling to get new clients, you need to take a good hard look at your personal training marketing strategies.

To market your personal training business, you must have a process in place for locating qualified prospects who are interested in a fitness solution, educating them about the benefits of personal training, showing them why your solution is the best, and finally, getting them to take act on your offer.

If you have confined personal training marketing to making cold calls, go back to the basics and get in touch with old clients. Old clients are the greatest source of referrals.

The key is to position your personal training business in such a way that your clients chase after you rather than the other way round. Start by creating free reports about particular fitness problems and the solutions for them. Promote these reports rather than your personal training business through writing articles, on websites and blogs, lectures, presentations etc.

Track all those people who show an interest in these reports and follow up on these leads. These leads are already pre-disposed towards buying your fitness solutions so they will require far less convincing. The next step is to educate this set of people about your business and the fact that you have a solution that is the best in the market. Set up an appointment for a demonstration of your solution so that they can see that you are ahead of the competition.

Some of your customers who saw the demonstration WILL buy your services. Those who do not buy your services will need to be put back into the follow-up system, also called the marketing funnel. This follow-up system keeps track of those leads who did not buy. You need to then use this system to continuously and regularly contact these leads with additional helpful information and specific offers. If you persevere, some of them will ultimately turn into your customers.

The principle behind this system of personal training and fitness marketing is constant lead generation.

As you refine your personal training marketing techniques further you will realize that all that it takes is smart planning and marketing.

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