Package Deals and Extended Payment Plans For Clients

Package Deals – Silver, Gold And Platinum Packages

I had an interesting experience with McDonald’s, which I am about to post…They offer the customer a #1, #2 or #3 with different options of service / products. This can a be very successful strategy for professionals like personal trainers and physical therapists.

Once the patient is discharged, you can give them multiple options to keep coming back. You can offer a combination of fitness training, nutritional coaching, massage and training journal – a complete package to guarantee the patient’s continued success.

If you can present the package well, the patient will find it irresistible. So much so, that they will buy it even if they don’t see the immediate need for it. Consistent client communication is an essential component in encouraging clients into buying your package.

The strategy can also work well when you’re testing out new services, before you actually roll them out as a full-fledged services.

Extended Payment Plans

If you are selling a cash-based program worth several hundred dollars or more, consider offering your patients a payment plan.

Register your business with an online merchant like, which gives your clinic the ability to accept credit card payments and direct debits and from the patient’s bank account. Having payment terms to allow the patient to make bigger purchases can dramatically increase what a client is willing to spend.

Patients should be able to break their investment into monthly payments, just like their mortgage or car payment. With this approach a patient that might not have been able to invest a lump sum of several thousand dollars can get the services and products they want and only have a monthly investment of a couple of hundred dollars.

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