What is the definition of the word ‘viral’?

Viral Fitness Marketing

Viral Fitness Marketing

It’s an idea that spreads rapidly, improves awareness about your market and opens up new doors on emotional and social enlightenment.

Marketers are obsessed with free media, and, as is often the case, we blow it in our rush to get our share. We create content that is hampered or selfish or boring. Or we create something completely viral that doesn’t do any marketing at all.”

If you haven’t read his book on viral marketing, you should. Download it for free here.

There is a big difference between being viral and viral marketing, as Seth Godin says. “Who cares that 32,000,000 people saw your stupid video? It didn’t market you or your business in a tangible, useful way.

The essence of viral marketing is that the product in and of itself should be ‘reproducible’. The more people use the product, the more they like it, the more people that tell, which in turn means more people use the product. Seth lists youtube, hotmail as prime examples.

Remember, a service is not as viral as a product. If you give a patient / client a great session, they are likely to recommend you to their friends. But if you give them a viral product, like an exercise DVD, a book you wrote, an informational newsletter, a health software, they are more likely to spread it to friends, who can benefit just as easily without the need to see you in person.

In essence, you can duplicate yourself with viral fitness marketing.

If only I could get someone to start writing blog posts for me..I’d ‘viralize’ myself…

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