Ignition Event is Coming to Orlando, FL

Ignition Event 2018 in Orlando, FL on April 20, 21 and 22

Ignition Event 2018 is a powerful, intense, immersive 3 day experience guaranteed to build and connect these pieces into a cohesive, well-oiled machine called your practice. Ignition Event is a precise blueprint for marketing, documentation and billing. Ignition Event will teach staff members to lead with power, conviction, clarity, and authenticity, the factors that make you (and your practice) legendary, iconic, and transformational.

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Meet Nitin

Nitin Chhoda PT, DPT, CSCS is a licensed physical therapist in NJ, NY and a published author of  “Physical Therapy Marketing For The New Economy” and the DVD “Electronic Health Records and Medical Billing Software SimplifiedThe Before, During and After Practice Workflow” (available on Amazon.com). He is a private practice marketing consultant and entrepreneur.

Nitin has written several articles on physical therapy marketing for IMPACT, ADVANCE and PT Magazine, in addition to this blog (a highly ranked blog on Google for physical therapy marketing). He is the founder of the Referral Ignition training systems, the In Touch EMR electronic medical records and documentation system for healthcare professionals and the In Touch Biller Pro electronic billing software for healthcare professionals, the In Touch Billing service – affordable outsourced billing services for any healthcare practices. He is also the founder of the Private Practice Summit Events, the Ignition Events and a mentor in the original, and the most exclusive private practice coaching group in the world – the Private Practice Mastermind group. He has presented on more than one occasion at the Private Practice Section Meeting of the American Physical Therapy Association, in addition to his talks at various fitness conventions in over 40 locations in the US, Canada and Asia. He is also the creator of the Therapy Newsletter automated newsletter marketing system and Clinical Contact, a web-based mobile, email and voice broadcasting system with built-in appointment reminders to help you boost patients arrival rates and increase revenue.


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Referral Ignition 2.0


Join the elite private practice owners who save thousands of dollars on documentation, billing and marketing with a one-stop solution that guarantees you an endless amount of referrals and infinite growth in your practice.

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In Touch Billing Service


At In Touch Billing, we specialize in medical billing for all types of private practices including rehab clinics (PT / OT / Chiropractic), speech therapy clinics and mental health clinics. We go above and beyond a ‘regular billing service’ because we’ll give you tools to get more patients, document effectively and monitor your metrics intelligently.

We don’t just bill for your practice. We help you grow your practice. With an integrated EMR and billing software, we’ll save you thousands of dollars each month. In fact, a single phone call can lower your costs by as much as 20%. Click ‘show video’ to learn more about the In Touch Biller Pro software and the In Touch Billing service. You can also click learn more to read more about the billing service, or schedule a call to speak with our billing services manager. We guarantee to lower your billing costs.

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Private Practice Mastermind


What if you could tap into my mind to unlock all the proven strategies that took me years to perfect, apply them within minutes to skyrocket your private practice to multiple six and even seven figure incomes for a fraction of the time, energy and cost you would normally invest… would you?

Here’s how YOU can hire me – The “Hidden Genius” behind HUNDREDS of successful private practices, to PERSONALLY coach you to get new patients, ignite referrals from existing referral sources, and reactivate former patients…

PLEASE NOTE – This exclusive coaching program is NOT for everyone. We are very selective about who we accept into the program.





10 Steps to Prepare for the ICD-10 Transition

With ICD-10, healthcare professionals face the biggest challenge AND the biggest opportunity ever. Healthcare professionals have been struggling for years, trying to code for treatments and services that didn’t quite fit the range of possibilities available with new methods and technology. Fundamentally, ICD-10 is a new way to approach diagnosis. With the right amount of preparation, it can lead to an increase in payments and improved patient care. This book is ideal for front desk staff, clinicians, practice owners and billing staff for all healthcare practices throughout the United States and it is the single, definitive guide to help you prepare for ICD-10. In this new book, expect to understand the fear and start to prepare for the transition. Understand the major changes in the new coding system. Discover how ICD-10 will benefit everyone, and prepare to code for the new era.


Physical Therapy Marketing for the New Economy


Hundreds of proven tips and tricks from the world’s premier private practice consultant to transform your physical therapy practice. Get a done-for-you system to attract physician referrals, flood your practice with new patients and reactivate former patients. Gain visibility in your community, build expert status.

Includes actual ads and scripts that have bring in patients and referrals.


Electronic Health Records and Medical Billing Software Simplified  – The Before, During and After Practice Workflow

Running a successful practice requires the right people and the right systems. From the moment the patient steps in to the interaction with the patient six months after discharge, every step must be planned in advance, to improve the patient’s perception of your practice.

This training will improve patient arrival rates, streamline patient intake, simplify patient documentation, increase compliance, automate billing and facilitate marketing for your private practice.

In this DVD, Nitin Chhoda PT, DPT will highlight the important aspects of the ‘patient relationship continuum’ and provide specific strategies to help you improve the before, during and after patient experience in your practice.


The Five Blunders to Avoid with EMR Selection

The importance of choosing the right physical therapy electronic medical records (EMR) system cannot be overstated. Your clinic will be investing time and resources into a solution that, if successful, will transform your practice into a streamlined, efficient, and profitable business; while increasing the productivity and satisfaction levels of your clinical and non-clinical staff.

Choosing an EMR solution that’s not right for your practice can cripple productivity, resulting in a significant decrease in reimbursements, lower standards of care, widespread staff dissatisfaction, and possibly endanger professional licensure status.

As a private practice owner, there are many choices available and the decision about which system to adopt can be overwhelming. This executive briefing was written to guide you through the EMR jungle by pointing out the FIVE biggest blunders to avoid when selecting an EMR solution for your physical therapy practice.

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Integrated Scheduling, Documentation, Billing and Marketing

Everything you need to grow your practice in one system.

Your EMR and billing software should streamline the BEFORE, DURING and AFTER patient experience. Here’s how you can streamline the ‘DURING’ patient experience with In Touch EMR.

THE DURING PATIENT EXPERIENCE (streamlining documentation)

  • Medicare compliance
  • Point and click template creation
  • Unlimited faxing
  • Medical records upload
  • Incomplete notes tracking
  • Functional Limitation G codes and PQRS reporting / alerts
  • Claims automatically submitted to the billing software
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Get Paid More, Faster with Patent-Pending Billing Automation

Instant transmission of claims from EMR to billing software, one click claim scrubbing, full clearing house integration, automatic posting of ERAs and seamless denial management.

Here are some of the ways in which In Touch Biller Pro boosts the efficiency of your front desk and biller:

THE BEFORE PATIENT EXPERIENCE (front desk automation)

  • Online eligibility verification
  • One click patient chart creation
  • Automatic appointment reminders
  • Automatic emailed newsletters
  • Streamlined patients intake (iPad app)
  • Authorization tracking and alerts
  • Physician certification period tracking and alerts
  • Progress note tracking and alerts


  • Complete billing software and clearing house integration like you’ve never seen before
  • Automatic claim scrubbing
  • Flexibility for biller to review / edit / update claims prior to payer submission
  • Auto-posting of ERAs
  • Tracking patient payments (co-pays, deductibles) and patient receipt printing
  • Shifting crossover balance to secondary with one click
  • Automatic batching of claims
  • Streamlined denial management
  • 100+ reports, completely customizable
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Therapy Newsletter

Automated Patient Newsletter (Email, Video, Print, Fax)

One of the biggest challenges faced by most physical therapy private practice owners is staying in touch with patients on a regular basis. That’s exactly why I created the ‘Therapy Newsletter”, a powerful, automated, done-for-you newsletter marketing system. Each month, we send out TWO patient newsletters to your patients and you get to choose between email, video, print and faxed versions.

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Clinical Contact

Automated Appointment Reminders with Mobile, Email and Voice Broadcasting

Get ready to revolutionize your patient follow up with the power of Clinical Contact. In the new world, email and snail mail are not the only ways to reach your patients.  Put the power of technology in your hands with mobile texts, voice broadcasting and email to INSTANTLY reach busy patients overwhelmed with traditional marketing messages. There’s never been a faster, easier way to get more patients, engage patients and maximize retention.

Clinical Contact is the first web-based practice management software to completely automate the things your staff is currently wasting time on with text, voice and email, with done-for-you scripts. It easily integrates with most scheduling and billing solutions.

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