4 Step Patient Attraction System and Patient Attraction Formula – DIGITAL DOWNLOAD – YOURS FREE

The ‘hidden genius’ behind the success of hundreds of physical therapy private practices Nitin Chhoda reveals the secrets to get new patients, reactivate old patients and boost referrals with this done-for-you resource. Discover for FREE this closely guarded secret to magnetically attract new patients, increase referrals from existing patients and quadruple your referral network in the next 60 days with a done-for-you marketing plan.


  • How to get DOUBLE the number of referral source to your practice in the next 60 days
  • Techniques to get existing patients to refer their friends, family and co-workers
  • The DONE-FOR-YOU ‘4 Step Marketing Plan’ to get more referrals
  • How you can avoid the single BIGGEST mistake when marketing your services as a private practice owner
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Complete Referral Generation System – INSTANT ACCESS – YOURS FREE


Get instant access to a plug and play blueprint to get more patients and generate referrals on autopilot.

  • A proven postcard strategy that’s consistently converted prospects to paying patients (actual postcard word document enclosed)
  • The “patient stimulator method” to get more patients to refer (with complete copyrights to a 50 page book on weight loss)
  • How to make physicians feel obligated to refer (you won’t believe how simple this is)
  • A SIMPLE technique to instantly position yourself as THE undisputed expert in your community.
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Grow Your Practice With Strategic Website Design and Marketing – COMPLETE PRIVATE PRACTICE WEBSITE BLUEPRINT – YOURS FREE


If you want your website to become a MARKETING WEAPON for your Practice, then this will be THE most important course you will EVER ATTEND and here’s why… I will teach you the BIG REASONS why MOST private practice websites FAIL MISERABLY at converting website visitors to patients, and WHAT YOU CAN DO to become part of the ELITE 1% who own an automated, patient generation website…

Making the right decision about the website provider you work with can be the difference between a lifeless, dull website with the occasional person trickling in and a dramatic, turn-key solution that attracts patients, helps you build a prospect list and markets your clinic on autopilot. In this new course, I will teach you:

  • How To Get To Page 1 of Google Local To Attract The MAXIMUM Number of Local Leads To Your Practice…
  • A Unique Online LEAD GENERATION Strategy To Monetize Your Visitors and The ONLY Website Success Factor Formula You Will Ever Need To CONVERT SUSPECTS TO PATIENTS From Your Website..
  • Get Your Site Noticed In The Infinite Sea Of The Internet… These Simple Changes Can Generate NEW PATIENTS For Your Practice By Recognizing Their “Emotional Triggers” and Delivering EXACTLY What They Are Looking For…
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