Hi, this is Janice, and I am Nitin’s assistant…

Do you have a product that you want Nitin to promote or endorse?

Or do you have a business idea that you want to partner with Nitin on?

As you can imagine, Nitin is very busy creating and managing multiple businesses and finding new ways for private practice owners to get more clients, money, and freedom… and he prefers to dedicate his time to his family, customers and coaching clients.

With that in mind, he still gets over a dozen offers each week from people who want to partner with him in some form or another, so rather than turning everyone away without giving someone a fair opportunity, we came up with an idea.

We created a system to streamline the process and identify individuals who are serious about partnership opportunities.

Introducing the “Nitin Consideration Fee”.

Here’s how it works…

If you want to partner with Nitin and you think you have a product that’s totally unique, a perfect fit for our market, and would add tremendous value to the lives and businesses of private practice owners, then this is the simple three step process you will want to follow to get your product, idea, business or venture opportunity considered by Nitin.


Call us directly at 973-797-9286 and let me know that you want to pay the $2,000 consideration fee to have Nitin consider your product, offer, or proposal.


Upon payment in full, you will be provided with a set of guidelines on how to get your product, idea or offer (the more concise, organized, and ready-to-sell the better) to me. I will pass it on to Nitin.


Allow 30 days for Nitin to review and consider your offer. You should know that paying the $2,000 does NOT guarantee that Nitin will take or agree to the offer. The $2,000 is NOT refundable, in fact he typically turns most offers down. If Nitin decides to accept your offer, we’ll contact you and set up a call between you and him to discuss the next steps.

THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS for the consideration fee. We understand that your idea, offer or proposal is different and unique and we respect that.

Having said that, we ask you to be courteous of Nitin’s time and position and respect this policy.