2013 Private Practice Retreat Scholarship

There’s been a lot of talk about the upcoming event we are planning in Las Vegas.

Today, I have some good news for you!

Keep reading how you can win one of two VIP scholarships to the Private Practice Retreat in Las Vegas on October 11, 12 and 13 where you’ll receive…

  • An all-access pass to the 2013 Private Practice Retreat
  • Access to all handouts and speaker presentations
  • Attendee kit including handbook and educational resources.

In years past, all our events have exceeded expectations, over-delivered, and provided physical therapists with a stockpile of simple, easy and practical ideas to grow their practice.

2013 Private Practice Retreat

For some private practice owners, this new era of sweeping and dramatic reforms means new opportunities for them to grow their practices because they will learn and implement innovative strategies in response to these changes.

Unfortunately for others, their practices will sink into a quagmire of misinformation and uncertainty about how they should be adapting to this new landscape of change. They will be at risk to lose thousands of dollars in revenue as they will struggle throughout the rest of the year continuing to “do business as usual”, wondering why their revenues stay the same, or are actually shrinking.

It’s up to YOU to decide which of these scenarios plays out for your practice in the months ahead. You must take the reins of your practice firmly in hand, dedicating yourself to acquiring the practical, no-nonsense, proven tactics and strategies that will help you to manage your practice smarter and more efficiently. If there was ever a time for you to create a diverse practice with several referral sources, mutually independent revenue streams and quality, reliable staff members, it’s now.

It’s time to leave fear and uncertainty behind…to chart a new course that leads to a successful and growing private practice.

Join the elite group of private practice owners that are taking control of their future at the 2013 Private Practice Retreat in Las Vegas, October 11,12,13.

When you attend the 2013 Private Practice Retreat, I’ll teach you:

  • New ways to get referrals
  • Alternative income streams
  • How the right documentation and billing software can help you get paid more, faster
  • Exact techniques on how to attract, hire, retain and motivate staff
  • The THREE most logical (and easy to implement) cash paying programs for your practice
  • How to run your practice like a Fortune 500 company and increase profits every year

You’ll want to be there, front and center, if you’re serious about taking your physical therapy private practice to the highest level of excellence, service, and profits.

Now, if you’ve never been to the Private Practice Retreat or any of our events in the past five years, here’s some feedback from other attendees…

The Private Practice Retreat is a three day intensive interactive event where hundreds of private practice owners from all over the globe come together to learn and share all things private practice.

It’s the ONLY event of its kind where the presenters are actual in-the-trenches private practice owners who take the stage and give YOU the systems, secrets, strategies and tactics that have elevated their private practice to new heights. The environment will be rich in “intellectual capital” on stage and amongst the attendees.  Private Practice Retreat also offers extensive Q & A periods as part of most sessions.

Here are some of the testimonials from our most recent event, where you’ll get a better idea of the type of events we conduct.

“I just want to say that it has been a great experience and I would highly recommend it to any clinician that owns their own practice. I have taken away so many tools that I’ll be able to use in my clinic.” Rhonda Russ PT

“Exceptional value and money truly well spent. Thanks so much Nitin- YOU EXCEEDED my expectations!!!” Dmitry Lang PT

“I’m coming away this weekend with a lot of tools that I can immediately implement when we get back to our clinic, and a lot of areas that we need to focus on and work on. This has been a wonderful asset to us this weekend.” Carrie Jorgensen PT

Like I said, I’m giving away two VIP scholarships to Private Practice Retreat 2013! The scholarship includes ALL-ACCESS to EVERYTHING that every VIP attendee would get

To qualify to win one of these scholarships, all you have to do is answer this  question by typing out a comment in the comment section below

“Which of these do you see as the biggest challenge for your practice in the next 12 months – documentation and billing OR strategic and consistent marketing… and how do you expect to get answers at the 2013 Private Practice Retreat?”

To win, you have submit your entry in the comment section before 12 pm midnight PST this Thursday, August 1st.

The winners of the 2013 Private Practice Retreat VIP Scholarship will be announced on Friday morning, August 2nd, right here on this blog.

Again, the question to answer is: “Which of these do you see as the biggest challenge for your practice in the next 12 months – documentation and billing OR strategic and consistent marketing… and how do you expect to get answers at the 2013 Private Practice Retreat?”

Leave your entry in the comment section below… And good luck on winning the VIP Scholarship!





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