THIS Is Why We Are in Private Practice…

Before I announce the winner, there’s something I need to share.

The comments from motivated, driven private practice owners reflect our never-say die attitude a dynamic, ever changing world and our ability to compete and win against external forces. This spirit keeps private practice alive, this is what keeps me motivated to continue to serve you.

In fact, this is why we are in private practice.

Click here to check out the comments and judge for yourself.

As they say, “ask and you shall receive”. As professional, highly intelligent, highly educated people, we are trained to think a certain way, to get the best outcomes. Often, this training is counter intuitive (when it comes to business) and creates the wrong belief systems, to the extent that we get scammed at times. According to a University of Exeter study in 2009, individuals are more vulnerable to scams if they consider themselves ‘experts’. At the very least, we tend to put a ‘cap’ on our capabilities – financial, emotional and personal and we try and stay within our comfort zone.

In business, it’s more important to think out of the box because things are changing constantly. For example, it’s CRITICAL to shed crippling belief systems such as:

  • My practice is different
  • I am too smart for this
  • I don’t need any help
  • I will be a good therapist and referrals will come
  • I’ve been in practice so long, I know everything there is to know
  • (This is a good one) I’ve had people ask me if I am into scientology and they say “I don’t like this scientology stuff”. For the record, the only thing I know about scientology is that Tom Cruise is a scientologist and it sounds a little weird. That’s the extent of my knowledge about it.
The only thing worse than NO beliefs is the WRONG set of beliefs, a consequence of getting burned, getting ripped off and failing in the past.

All this is about to change for two winners of the VIP scholarship. The entries were incredible, and the choices were difficult.  I want to thank everyone for their interest in the VIP scholarship to the 2013 Private Practice Summit in Rutherford on April 19, 20 and 21. It was a humbling experience to see so much interest in the upcoming event, and I can’t wait to see everyone there. Before I announce the two winners, I want to commend the participants because it takes courage to bare your soul and express your deepest emotions in the manner that you did.

Jamey, Sheryl, Susie, TrVera, Alice, Dorothy, Regie, Gregory, Kirk, Ithamar, Ruth, Nancy, Kirstin, Matt, Tebogo, Frank, Jane, Jen, Melanie (Bush), Sydney, Melanie (Rochon), Monica and Michelle, you overcome the self-imposed boundaries that limit most private practice owners. With or without this event, each one of you has my highest respect, and for that I honor you and salute you. In fact, I’ll be writing each one of you a personal email with my thoughts, and will be thanking you. You will grow and succeed, no matter what lies ahead for the community.

So, it’s time to announce the winners.

The TWO winners of the VIP scholarship to the 2012 Private Practice Retreat are:

Alice Holland

Jane Nicoli


We’ll get in touch with you and set you up with your VIP registration and your hotel room. You’ll get a hotel room for 2 nights, VIP registration to the three day workshop. All the details about the event can be found here.

The registration page is open, and there’s going to be a limited number of tickets. << Register here

Each year, my events like the Private Practice Summit sell out in record time.

And with the line up of presenters we have presenting this year – the 2013 Summit is going to be sold out as well.

The early bird price discount, and special bonuses go away Saturday, February 23, 2013. Click on the image below to learn more.

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