5 Key Fitness Business Telemarketing Methods

It’s a cardinal rule…

To promote your business, you want to reach you to your target audience. Direct mail is expensive, email can be ignored and faxes can be shredded. A phone call, on the other hand, is the closest to actual human interaction.

But here’s the problem. People hate telemarketers. Everyone has endured the pestering phone calls and spam emails soliciting a business and/or service.

In the 21st century, the word telemarketer should be replaced by ‘infomarketer’.

The more information you provide, and the faster you allow it to spread, the more successful you will be. Finding unique and effective methods for telemarketing your fitness business is a great way to reach a new market.

These 5 methods can boost your fitness business telemarketing tactics. Several factors play a role in effective telemarketing. At the end of the day, your physical location and website traffic work in conjunction with your fitness business telemarketing efforts.

1) Social Bookmarking

The internet has a tremendous amount of marketing potential. Social bookmarking is done through public sites, which allows you to inform other social site members on new fitness products services and business through article postings, updates of website URLs and links.

This is a less evasive method to market your fitness business; you socially bookmark your own websites and ask your friends to do the same. This is a cost effective method since membership to most social bookmarking sites are free and in many cases your links and advertisements will appear on internet search results.

2) Public profiles

Since the launching of multiple social sites such as “MySpace” and “Face book” many people have passively marketed their fitness business through personal or business profiles and pages.

Since these sites are popular because of the high volume of members it is an ideal location to market your fitness business. The best part – it’s free. In addition to setting up a marketing profile these social sites also have services for banners and other marketing tools including forums and groups.

3) Public forums

A public forum is great telemarketing tactic because it allows consumers to provide you with marketing feedback as well as trends that fascinate your target audience. There are several public forums to choice from including those found on both social bookmarking and social sites

If you want to set up a specific for geared for telemarketing your fitness business there are also free forums you can set up for your fitness business.

4) Set up an internet group, preferably a local one

Setting up a fitness group is a customized way to target specific people with the same interest. Typically groups are categorized by specific topics, hobbies and professions, therefore the members in your group are serious about your fitness business since it’s a common subject or service.

You can advertise via groups, email members, offer special discounts and much more in the area of telemarketing your fitness business. Best of all this is also a free service that requires setting up through your regular email server such as Yahoo groups, Google groups, MSN groups and more.

5) Word of mouth

If you have ever tried marketing a business, then you know the value of “Word of Mouth” marketing. This method of marketing requires that you plant the seed of information regarding your fitness business to a few people. Offer an incentive for referrals you are actually having your customers marketing your fitness business.

Basically you’re utilizing this traditional method to entice current customers to drawn in new customers but with more finesse. It doesn’t really feel like the old telemarketing method of calling a hundred people to have 89 hangs up, 9 interested but not ready to join and only 2 members who actually add to your fitness business. This way the people come to you and you know for certain they’re interested in join your fitness business or program.

These 5 strategies represent the new age of telemarketing. In fact, they signal the end of telemarketing, and the beginning of infomarketing.

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