5 Ways to Lower your Physical Therapy Billing Costs

Who would not want to reduce therapy billing costs? 

Like most physical therapy business practices, you are probably looking for ways to increase revenue and cut costs at the same time.

We’ve listed Five Ways to your Lower Physical Therapy Billing Costs

five ways1. Automate eligibility verification
Make sure you know about the patient’s plan and its benefits before the patient walks into your clinic by using an online eligibility verification tool.

2. Same day claim submission as standard protocol

The faster you submit claims the faster you get paid.

3. All claim submission practices must be specific to the payer
Each payer has its own requirements on filing claims … some of them require pre-authorization, others require additional documentation.  You need to make sure that you are always one step ahead, so you don’t have to deal with denials.

4. Proactive faxing of paper claims followed by phone call follow ups (whenever possible)
One of the biggest problems we have encountered as a professional physical therapy billing service is the fact that the claim is not on file with the insurance company. The solution is to identify a fax number, fax the claims and then do phone call follow ups.

5. Relentless tracking of all claims with systematic payer follow-ups
It’s crucial to have a system to follow up with payers – how many phone calls, faxes and letters are sent to the payer to make sure you get paid? Lack of follow ups can lead to delays and denials.


If you are looking for an affordable, effective outsourced billing service, consider In Touch Billing (In Touch EMR or In Touch Biller Pro) – a 10 minute phone call can slash your billing costs.

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Here’s what one client had to say about In Touch Billing:

     “Went above and beyond every step of the way and have been professional and patient at all times. To their credit, they made this relatively stress free. I like the fact that I am able to talk to someone when I need to, and am able to document my way, with immediate billing. Thank you for your availability,  guidance,  kindness and patience.”

Have a great weekend!

Nitin Chhoda PT, DPT

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