8 Reasons To Attend The 2016 Referral Ignition

In this article, you’ll learn the 8 reasons why you should attend the 2016 Referral Ignition .So let’s get right on to it.

Reason Number 8 – Quality of Speakers


We are going to have the top industry earners, the guys who are the decision makers in the industry, share their exact blueprints on how they go about getting an endless amount of referrals and how to leverage other programs to increase revenue in their practice.

After attending this event, you, too will be able to walk away with practical, turnkey solutions to:

  • Add revenue
  • Increase patient referrals
  • Achieve freedom and independence in your practice
Reason Number 7 – All Inclusive

We are paying for your rooms, you are going to receive hot meals, discounts at the dinner buffet, and lots of other cool surprises. This is unlike any other industry event that you’ve seen. We are really working hard to provide you the VIP 5-Star experience and we guarantee that you’ll be amazed.

Reason Number 6 – Attendee Insight

You are going to have an opportunity to network with other private practice owners just like yourself and other physical therapists who aspire to be owners themselves. You are going to learn from real-life in the trenches private practice owners, and a single insight from someone in the hallway can save you tens of thousands of dollars in your practice. You’ll learn from the mistakes and the triumphs of other private practice owners, as you discover the path to true financial freedom. All the little details that you didn’t know you needed to know, all those little ‘secrets’ that no one wants to share will be yours – because the kind of attendees we attract are the ones who share what has worked for them. This means you get the collective insight of an audience that exceeds any other event in the history of private practice.

Ignition 2

Reason Number 5 – Vacation

You are going to have an opportunity to finally take a break from your practice. For once, you’ll be able to work on your practice and not just in it. The best part is you’ll be in a relaxed environment learning exactly how to grow your practice with cutting edge strategies from the industry’s best speakers. It’s the only event of its kind in the industry that allows you to achieve this two-for-one benefit – vacation + practice building environment (not to mention the CEs, all-inclusive and the other benefits).

Reason Number 4 – Earn CEs

You’ll be able to earn up to 6 continuing education credits on the first day of the Private Practice retreat. The pre-conference workshop on Friday is a CE workshop, so this event can help you maintain your license and earn credits. There is no additional charge for this workshop and it is included in the cost of your registration. 
So when you attend the event – you’ll earn CEs and you’ll learn how to manage your practice and increase referrals at the same time.

Reason Number 3 – New Revenue Streams

You’ll learn how you can add 6 figures or more to your practice with
 the addition of on-site programs, that can be marketed to small and medium sized businesses. This is an outstanding revenue generation opportunity for physical therapy private practices and is an emerging phenomenon, where the ‘early bird will catch the worm’. You’ll learn the entire blueprint from a speaker who has pioneered the art of on-site rehab programs and their marketing.

Reason Number 2 – Fun

Party!!! We will be in Las Vegas and what happens there stays there (at least that’s what they say). Jokes aside, we will have an amazing open bar networking party where you will be able to kick back, relax and mingle with other private practice owners like yourself. A lot of industry events don’t
 have this kind of networking opportunity but we make sure we do. Past attendees have said that two or three insights they got during the networking cocktail paid for their entire trip. Imagine the kind of connections you can make when you interact with success-minded private practice owners who don’t hold anything back.

Reason Number 1 – Create Your Own Syndicate

Kiss Gilligan Islands goodbye. Once you attend this event, you will not be alone anymore. You will create your own network, one you can rely on and stay in touch with indefinitely. You are going to meet the type of individuals that will open up new opportunities for you and your practice.  It’s not just the open bar networking party 
but the during, between and after sessions where you are going to connect with type of individuals that will stand by you, so you no longer you need to go through this journey by yourself. You’ll meet value adders, not value extractors, for your private (practice. Your own insight and personal life experiences will make you a value adder as well.)

I hope you enjoy these 8 reasons why you should be a part 
of this event. Many have already made their decisions to do so and we encourage
 you to do the same as well.

Join us for the #1 Rated Physical Therapy Business Conference in the Country.

www.ignitionevent.com <——— Click here to secure your tickets before the price goes up.

Ignition 2

September 23, 24, 25 in San Diego, CA.

Tickets are 65% off for a limited time.

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