A Clean Claim Starts at the Front Desk

Your practice MUST get things right from the moment the patient walks into your clinic. There is a lot more to a clean claim than documentation and the transmission of ICD and CPT codes. The right flow starts at the front desk.

The fact is, the efficiency of your front desk impacts your cashflow.

Small things that your front desk is doing (or not doing) can mean the difference between a 0-30 day accounts receivable and a 60-90 day accounts receivable for your practice. Changes like this can result in BIG payoffs for your practice.

Next Friday, August 22, 2014 at 6 pm EST, I, along with guest speaker Patsy Dunson are conducting a special webinar event called “A Clean Claim Starts at the Front Desk” which will last approximately one hour.

Some of the things you will discover include:

1- What the front desk should (and should not) do the moment the patient walks into the clinic.

2 – A simple checklist for the front desk to make sure that no authorization ever slips through the cracks

3 – A quick and easy way to verify insurance eligibility and check authorizations (all of which should be done BEFORE the patient is ever scheduled for an appointment)

4 – The single biggest mistake made by the front desk that causes claim denials (and how to avoid it)

5 – A simple system to keep track of expiring prescriptions, so you always have a signed plan of care.

and more.

This training will change the way you think about front desk workflow and can save you several hundred, potentially several thousand dollars over the course of the calendar year.

A Clean Claim Starts at the Front Desk <—— A System for Managing Authorizations and Prescriptions to Minimize Denials

This 45 minute webinar will be followed by a 15 minute QA session, in which you will be able to get all your questions answered.

Every single question from every single attendee will be answered during the training. A recording will also be made available to registered attendees.

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