A Lesson for your PT Practice from a Mexican Taco Joint?

Being a fan of Mexican food, I was at this Taco place which the plan was to be in and out.  I stopped dead in my tracks just as I was leaving with my dinner.

I noticed something that surprised me.

This was a Sign You Could Not Ignore…

It was a sign on the wall that struck me immediately as the simplest but most effective physical therapy marketing effort I’ve seen in a long time.

I decided that I simply had to share this with you – it was too good to ignore.  I immediately took a couple of pictures and wrote this article for you.

I would describe this as an incredible display of authentic yet powerful messaging in any physical therapy business.

Now, I want you to re-imagine signs in your office. What if you were to set aside the big signs talking about the benefits of PT /  human anatomy charts and put up a simple sign with a unique message geared directly towards the patient?

This Is One Sign You Want To Model

Look at the sign and think how powerful these words are, and think impact they can have on your practice.

Words influence what others think about you. In fact, they persuade patients to come to you, and physicians to refer to you. We know what we have to say, the question is – do we pick the right words to say it?

Speaking of impact and words, if you haven’t registered yet for the Dallas workshop, I’ll reveal the exact formula on how to engineer the right phrase to describe your practice, and a step by step marketing plan to ignite referrals to your practice, and how to find new staff members to grow your practice. This is not something you want to miss.


Have a great week!

Nitin Chhoda PT, DPT

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