Can 20 Minutes Position you as the UNDISPUTED Physical Therapy Expert in your Community?

Can 20 Minutes Position you as the UNDISPUTED Physical Therapy Expert in your Community?

Do you know of a competitor (could be another PT, a chiropractor, trainer) who

– doesn’t have the skills you do
– isn’t as good as you


– has more clients than you
– is more ‘well known’ than you.

The reason these competitors stand out, is because they’ve mastered the art of ‘celebrity’. They are able to put things in motion to position themselves as experts.

Make that UNDISPUTED experts.

I want you to have the same advantage. That’s why I got together with my friend and colleague Paul Gough PT, to create a 20 minute training that will give YOU the same competitive advantage.

In this 20 minute audio recording, the two of us – Nitin Chhoda PT, and Paul Gough PT share our BEST strategies on “5 Ways to Establish yourself as the Undisputed Physical Therapy Expert in your Community

I also share a nice surprise with you towards the end of the training.

To get instant access to this training and listen to it right now, please click below:

If you want to become the undisputed expert in your community, I go into a lot more detail during the upcoming Private Practice Summit 2019 event in Las Vegas, NV in October 18, 19 and 20.

So act quickly to reserve your seats. Last year’s event was sold out weeks in advance and we stopped accepting registrations several weeks before the event.

Vacation with your peers in Las Vegas. Register now.

October 18, 19 and 20 in Las Vegas, NV. 

We only have a certain amount of tickets available at this price, so act fast.

Have a great week!

Nitin Chhoda PT, DPT

PS – This is ideal for owners, clinicians, front desk staff, managers, and billing staff. Click below to learn more about the educational sessions, schedule and hotel information and secure your fast action price tickets.


• 10+ Speakers

• Discounted Hotel Rooms

• Daily Breakfast

Have a BLAST with your peers in Las Vegas, NV
on 10/18, 10/19 and 10/20


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