Behind the Scenes of the Clinton-Trump Showdown – Lessons for PT Private Practice

clinton trumpNow that the results of the primaries are coming in, it’s obvious that presidential candidates are employing multiple marketing tactics to win the approval of voters.

They are doing so with precise messaging (what they say) and technology (the medium they use to get the message across).

It doesn’t matter which side you’re on, the fact is – the battle between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is insightful, and every move is a planned one.

The battle between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is insightful, since each appeal to the fundamental values of ‘sections of voters’ through the effective use of media.

From Twitter and Facebook to appearances on a variety of popular TV shows and debates, each candidate is strategically making their voices heard through social media and online marketing. Trump’s fascination with his Twitter feed and Clinton’s website geared towards donations are two cases in point.

Clinton and Trump have both made digital media a priority in their campaign strategies and this is a part of the physical therapy marketing trifecta strategy physical therapy private practices would do well to emulate. When used correctly, social media and online marketing can help you get the message out quickly and effectively.

Establish ….and then Leverage ‘Name Recognition’

Trump is using social media to voice views on topics that the average person is afraid to mention, even anonymously, but he first defined himself as a personality and “brand” before throwing his hat in the ring.

Clinton had already established herself as a brand through her previous presidential candidacy and her past and present record in the administration.

In both cases, the candidates are ‘known entities’. They are both ‘brands’.

Branding is equally important for physical therapy private practices, providing them with a specific identity. A brand helps the consumer answer simple questions like “Who are you and what do you stand for?”

Presidential candidates are working to establish themselves as the best “brand” to occupy the White House and clinicians must promote their practice as the best PT clinic to provide what patients need and want.

Build your brand with patients using physical therapy marketing tools like Therapy Newsletter, with physicians using ONC certified EMR software like In Touch EMR.

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Email Lead Generation… Followed by Engagement

Clinton is actively using email signups for lead generation.

Anyone who visits Hillary Clinton’s website is asked to sign up on receive access to all of her content and campaign officials can send a variety of materials to the inboxes of everyone who entered an email address. In fact, they go one step further and ask for a donation.

It’s not enough to collect the email. You’ve got to consistently communicate with the patient, and provide consistent value.


The potential danger with email marketing is that it can become annoying or pushy and an individual opts out. Every single email gives the recipient an opportunity to ‘opt out’ of future messages. That’s why this needs to be one of your strategies, and not the only one.

For clinicians, one of the best ways to obtain valuable email addresses is by simply asking for it on patient forms along with their phone and other information.

Another option is to offer free information and discounts on the clinic’s website when visitors enter their email. Include the practice’s logo as part of the branding strategy and autoresponders are especially helpful for opt-in opportunities.

Opt-in email practices, followed by valuable, useful content is a fundamental strategy of both candidates. You can do the same with the done-for-you emailed newsletter marketing technology in the all-new Therapy Newsletter. Click here to try Therapy Newsletter for just $1 for 30 days, and enjoy a zero questions asked money back guarantee.

At the end of 30 days, you’ll love it and you’ll be billed $67 a month. If you don’t love it, cancel at any time, cancel at anytime in the first 30 days by calling us at 201-535-4475 and you won’t be billed. See for yourself, why practices across the country are using this to build name recognition, experience and credibility.

Powerful, Shareable (Even Divisive) Content… Not Just Any Content

Trump is able to deliver ‘sound bytes’ contained in a tweet. The statistics show that these tweets are being shared thousands of times across multiple platforms. Clinton has done the same with video snippets from her appearances on TV shows. It’s content that can be used to demonstrate their affinity with the voting public/consumers with memorable slogans, graphics and newsletters.

This is not just any content, but content that contains a powerful message that resonates, and is shared. If you’re a Trump supporter, you’ll share things like this:


If you’re a Clinton supporter, this is likely to resonate with you.


Content is essential if potential customers are to know what a practice offers and how it can help them. Content that you believe in, that has the potential to be divisive will stir up your supporters to comment, share, like and support you. Don’t be afraid. Say what you believe in, and those who support you will stand behind you.

It can take many forms that include blogs, newsletters, social media posts, and downloadable eBooks and reports. Don’t be afraid to say what you believe in. Always be professional, compassionate, and caring, but speak up if you believe in something strongly enough.

Don’t be timid, don’t be afraid to take a stand. Will you make a few people unhappy? Yes you will. It’s inevitable. If you believe in something strongly, and your position is valid, you’ll get more support than you can imagine, when you ‘stir the pot’.

Experience, Credibility and Proven Track Record

Trump and Clinton are both trying to convince voters they’re the best candidate for the job of president. They’re both using social media to commiserate with constituents and convince voters that they understand them and their needs better than the competition. They’re careful to listen to what constituents are saying on social media and adjusting their tweets and posts to reflect their ability to best meet those needs.

The lesson for PT practitioners is that they need to discover the primary reasons patients seek their services, and demonstrate experience and credibility to that audience. Find what patients want most and market why the clinic is uniquely qualified to meet their needs.

If therapeutic massage is receiving top marks at the practice, marketing materials need to promote the value of massage for concerns ranging from nerve damage and surgery to smoking cessation, anger management and treatment of seasonal affective disorder.

It’s better to be the expert for some people, than to try and be everything to all people.

Trump and Clinton are using branding, email and content to appeal to consumers. It’s a powerful and effective marketing strategy that obtains greater visibility and keeps the voting public coming back to see what they’ll find next.

It’s a technique that clinicians need to master in the new economy.

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