Boomerang Positioning To Attract Staff To Your Practice

I have something really important to share with you today about the way you hire staff to grow your clinic.


Most practices I consult with approach the hiring process in the same manner. Then tend to

  • Scramble to hire when someone quits
  • Run ads in one or two places asking for resumes
  • Interview each candidate right away to find the right person
  • Hope this ‘works out’
Here’s the solution – Boomerang Positioning To Attract Staff! < = = = = =  Stop doing things the same old way

Here’s the NEW WAY to hire:
  • Look to hire pro-actively (create a pipeline / bank of resumes)
  • Create a captivating, appealing ad to attract the right candidate (This is the “Boomerang Positioning Method”)
  • Run ads in several places simultaneously
  • Make the interview the LAST STEP in the hiring process (after the candidates have jumped through a few simple hoops leading up to the interview)
I’ve created a special training video on this hiring method, AND I have a surprise gift for you at the end of the video training:

IMPORTANT < = = = = ‘Boomerang Positioning’ and how it can help you recruit new staff, minimize turnover and grow your practice.

You’ll learn how to hire the best staff for your practice, and much more.

This is the 2nd video in a special 3 part video series on Hiring Rx – The NEW Step-by-step system to help you hire staff and grow your practice.

PS – There is a PRIZE for readers at the end of the video – and it’s worth over $2500. Watch the video till the end to discover how to claim this prize.

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