How to Convince Your Practice Owner to Send You To Private Practice Summit 2019…

Helpful tips to communicate the benefits to your practice if you attend Private Practice Summit 2019 in LAS VEGAS, NV on OCTOBER 18-20

Asking to spend company dollars is never easy, especially for conferences.

The ticket cost, airfare, hotel, and other expenses make it far easier for the boss to say ‘no’ than to see the value of an investment.

The burden of proof is on you to show why this will be a meaningful investment in the practice itself, and not solely in your experience.

Today we’re sharing various ways to show the “person in charge” all of the reasons why their investment in your attendance is an investment in their clinic.

BONUS! We’re giving you a PDF template that will get the conversation started. Read below and access the email template at the end of this article.

1. 100+ Actionable Strategies to Increase Revenue – Insider Strategies from Other Practices – Things You Can Do Right Away (no concepts, just tactics)

Private Practice Summit 2019 LAS VEGAS, NV is about implementation.

Sure, we want you to leave with that “feel good” vibe, but this event isn’t about making you warm and fuzzy.

This event is about action. You will walk out with a list of things you’ll want to jump on immediately the moment you return to your clinic.


2. Highlight Two or Three Broad Topics Being Covered that Directly Pertain to Your Clinic’s Needs

You can access the entire schedule of the event, speaker rosters, and more, at

Page through it – you’ll probably notice some topics that hit home as far as what your clinic needs to improve upon.

Having trouble establishing the value of a new patient? Don’t know how to leverage Facebook? Need to know what’s going to happen in the next 12 months with coding changes? These are just some of the topics that we’ll be discussing, teaching, and mentoring you on at Private Practice Summit 2019 LAS VEGAS, NV.

3. Explain How You’ll Cut Costs

When bosses hear “conference” they hear “huge travel costs.” This doesn’t have to be the case with Private Practice Summit 2019 LAS VEGAS, NV.

First of all – our hotel is in the airport. No rental cars, no trains, no craziness. Hop off your plane in Nevada and walk to the hotel. You can’t beat that convenience, or that immediate savings.

Further, we’ve secured discounted hotel rooms for attendees. You’ll get a cheaper rate by being an attendee. We’ll even provide you with free breakfast on all three days – no extra charge.

Use sites like CheapoAir to book cheap flights to Las Vegas. Luckily, Las Vegas is usually pretty easy and cheap to get to from most cities in the US and the event is happening after the most expensive travel window, not during.

Price out your travel expenses BEFORE presenting this idea to your boss. It will show that you’re prepared.

How does all that sound? Now, you’re ready to start the conversation. You just need… OUR TEMPLATE!

As of today, tickets are still discounted, so have this conversation with your boss sooner rather than later. This could be the next big “thing” that accelerates your career.

You Can Also Click Here to Download the Email Template in PDF Format.


Dear [BOSS],

I would like to attend Private Practice Summit 2019 LAS VEGAS, NV taking place on OCTOBER 18-20 in LAS VEGAS, NV.

This is an annual business conference and it is the premier event for physical therapy private practice owners.

The sessions are focused on real, actionable content that we can implement immediately to grow our clinic—especially [SPECIFIC AREA OF FOCUS].

I am most excited about [SESSION] with [SPEAKER of COMPANY] because I will learn how to better [SPECIFIC STRATEGY].

As the [YOUR POSITION] of [COMPANY], I plan to attend the following agenda to capitalize my time and get the most immediately useful information:


The event will also give me a unique opportunity to connect with the most successful private practice owners and managers in the world.

The cost to attend the event includes:

Ticket cost: [COST DEPENDING ON WHEN YOU BOOK] Travel expenses: [ESTIMATE] Hotel: [ESTIMATE] Meals per diem: [ESTIMATE] Commuting costs: [ESTIMATE]

I’ve estimated the total budget to attend the event as [ESTIMATE].

I am confident that you will see this as a worthwhile investment. Private Practice Summit 2019 LAS VEGAS, NV is an opportunity to learn the latest strategies in tactics to enhance our marketing efforts.


————— END OF EMAIL TEMPLATE ————————–

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