EXACTLY how to get patients to read your emails

The # 1 thing that affects the success of your emails is…

                                               … your email subject line.

email subject line

If you are sending out emails to patients and prospects, you need a subject line that makes the person want to open the email.

The purpose of the subject line is to get the person to open the email. The purpose of the email content is to get the person to click over to your website. The purpose of your website is to get the person to call your practice and schedule the practice.

A captivating and relevant subject line is EXACTLY what you need to convince a reader to OPEN your email.

When a reader opens the email, your content (and call to action) stand a chance.

Otherwise, you’re toast.

I call this the ‘patient ascension ladder’ – an evolution of the patient’s relationship with your practice:

Interesting subject line > Email opened > Captivating message > Emails clicked > Website visits > Patient Engagement > Referrals, New Patients

This can also be summarized as: Interest > Attention > Action

Here are the top TEN subject lines you can use to increase your newsletter open rate.

#1 Subject Line – What’s your opinion on this?

Introduction – Today, we’d like your opinion on (***). Please click ‘reply’ and let us know what you think.

#2 Subject Line – Don’t do this (must read)

Introduction – In this newsletter, you’ll learn all about the do’s and don’ts about (***).

#3 Subject Line – EXACTLY what you should know about (***)

Introduction – You are about to discover everything you should know about (newsletter topic). Keep reading.

#4 Subject Line – Your (***) plan (everything inside this email)

Introduction – Today, we cover the important subject of (newsletter topic). This is very important so make sure to read all the way to the end because this will be very helpful.

#5 Subject Line – Fwd: this is confidential

Introduction – This is a special, confidential email we send to our existing patients only. It has the potential to improve your health …  we urge you to read it right away.

#6 Subject Line – The #1 way to (***)

Introduction – Before we jump into today’s article about (newsletter topic), I would like to thank you for subscribing. We will always strive to provide cutting-edge content to help you live a healthy and injury-free lifestyle.

#7 Subject Line – Personal message from (clinic owner name)

You may not realize this, but here’s something you did not know about me / our clinic. (share one detail about you / your clinic).

#8 Subject Line – The TRUTH about (***) (Surprising Answer)

Introduction – In this revealing newsletter, you are going to learn the TRUTH about (***).  You’ll learn some new things, and change your beliefs about the things you thought you knew that are really (***).

#9 Subject Line – Forgotten secrets of (***)

Introduction – We’ve got something very interesting for you today. For those of you who want to live a healthy, injury-free lifestyle, this newsletter on (***) will help reveal some forgotten secrets. Be sure to share this with friends and family.

#10 Subject Line – Re: your question

Introduction – We’ve had a lot of questions lately about (***). So we’ve decided to answer all your questions and give you a simple, yet practical view on (***). We look forward to your feedback.

The symbol *** pertains to the topic of that email. (if you use a service like Therapy Newsletter, all newsletters and autoresponders are written for you).

I have also included a sample introduction with each subject line. Feel free to copy these subject lines and introduction and let me know what this does for all your email campaigns!

Implementing this will take a few seconds, but will boost your open rates, and your newsletter response rate. The result will be better engagements, and more patients.

Here’s the ‘patient ascension ladder’ once again:

Interesting subject line > Email opened > Captivating message > Emails clicked > Website visits > Patient Engagement > Referrals, New Patients


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