Gamechangers – 2010 Private Practice Summit Recap

The gamechangers in private practice converged at the 2010 private practice summit this past weekend in Rutherford, NJ.

Here’s a quick video recap of the great time we had at the event:

If you missed it, I’ll tell you about how you can be among the select few to get access to ALL the video recordings (almost 16 hours of content) and ALL the powerpoints and training material from the event in just a moment. In the meantime, here are some video comments from attendees.

It was an eye opening experience for all attendees. You had to be there to feel the energy. By the end, people came up to me and said they had NEVER been to a practice building event as good as that EVER before.. I also got this testimonial by email from one of the attendees after the event.

“Nitin put together an excellent event. All of the speakers were great and the every topic was directly related to my business. The event was simply jam-packed full of relevant and implementable information and ideas. I can’t wait to put what I learned into practice. This is a must-attend event for every practice owner who is ready to take their practice to the next level.”
Daniel Tahany PT

If you missed the event, then I have good news.  50 copies of the 2010 Private Practice Summit DVDs will be made available.

The reason only 50 will be available? This information is so cutting edge that you DON’T want it to become common knowledge. Why I am keeping this content restricted? You’ll thank me when you get the DVDs and watch the material.

Click Here To Pre-Order The Limited-Edition 2010 Private Practice Summit DVDs <---------------------------------- ONLY 50 UNITS AVAILABLE, ORDER NOW. SHIPMENT DATE OCTOBER 15, 2010. You ALSO Get All The Powerpoints and Training Material From The Event. Your purchase comes with an unconditional 60 day money back guarantee. That’s how confident I am that this content will EXCEED your expectations.

Here is a summary of some of the content at the event:

I talked about the following:

– How to transition ‘strangers’ into prospects for your practice
– How to find the perfect ‘hook’ to consistently attract referral sources
– How to test and tweak your systems to get the maximum patients with minimum investment of time and money
– How to become the undisputed private practice expert in your area (you will get my step by step formula)
– How to get your patients to refer their friends and family and sing your praises to their doctors
– The one letter that you can send out to get physicians clamoring to work with you
– The importance of “patient reactivation campaigns” and how to structure them for maximum impact
– The Internal Referral Mechanism Success Code – How to reconnect with past patients and encourage them to return to your clinic AND refer friends and family.

All the speakers had some outstanding quotes, and here is a summary of the quotes.

Jeff Cavaliere, the celebrity physical therapist revealed how he became a trainer and physical therapist for the New York METS. He talked about:

– How to acquire the success mindset
– The prerequisite qualifications or certifications to ‘get that breakthrough’
– How to become an official physical therapist for professional athletes
– What to say to local media and sports teams so that WANT you to train their premier athletes
– The right and the wrong ways to gain a celebrity status
– How to take the fear factor out of dealing with high profile athletes
– How to transform an athlete into a ‘human billboard’ for your practice
– How to build a reputation of being the A-list physical therapist in your community

Click Here To Pre-Order The Limited-Edition 2010 Private Practice Summit DVDs <----------------------------------ONLY 50 UNITS AVAILABLE, ORDER NOW. SHIPMENT DATE OCTOBER 15, 2010. You ALSO Get All The Powerpoints and Training Material From The Event. Your purchase comes with an unconditional 60 day money back guarantee. That’s how confident I am that this content will EXCEED your expectations.

Michael Jones was the undisputed best speaker at the event (as judged by the audience), and as the winner, he received a $1000 check to his charity, the Whitman-Walker foundation for AIDS research and prevention.  Michael revealed:

– The three immediate benefits you gain by establishing a post rehab program
– The three mistakes every physical therapist makes when implementing a post rehab program
– The ten reasons post rehab programming is a must for your physical therapy practice in the current environment
– The keys to separating your post rehab program from your physical therapy practice
– How to find staff members for your post rehab program
– How to easily implement protocols and guidelines to make your post rehab program safe and effective
– When and what patients/clients are appropriate for a post rehab program and how to establish a foolproof method of identification
– How to package post rehab programs for maximum client/patient and referral attraction
– Why insurance carriers like post rehab programs and how it can improve your relationships with claim adjusters (this priceless information will pay for your summit ticket many times over)
– How to market your post rehab program to physicians and the medical community
– How to position your post rehab program to take advantage of the boom in health club memberships
– How to document post rehab services and outcomes
– Learn how to price and profit from post rehab services in your practice

Laura Miranda, the “Group Physical Therapy” pioneer and New York city based PT revealed her revolutionary new business model, which was grabbed by an elite ‘charter’ group of physical therapists, who are about to undergo a top secret training program to implement this business model in their practice. She revealed:

– The blueprint to cease trading precious hours for dollars by leveraging your time while working with clients in groups.
– The secrets necessary to find the exact niche market in your area that is underserved and in NEED of what you’ve got!
– Techniques to rake in additional income from your current patient base AND reach gobs of NEW people that are not normally attracted to a formal PT clinic.
– How to position yourself as the local expert in the community so that potential clients have NO CHOICE but to participate in your program.
– Utilize the group model as a stand-alone business, as an “upgrade” to current services, or as way to reintegrate inactive patients to your practice.
– Secret strategies for using social media, newsletters and blogging to drum up endless new clients month after month (and how to find reliable overseas employees for $4-$6 an hour to do all the work)

Here’s a quick clip from Laura’s talk:

David Cunic, one of the most enterprising private practice owners I have ever met, revealed a cutting edge formula for wellness training that had me scrambling to take notes as well. David revealed some strategies that left people speechless, and one attendee told me that one talk fast tracked his practice 3 years, enabling him to start a wellness training program in his practice next week. Not surprisingly, David went full throttle and revealed:

– How to empower your clients about the difference between wellness vs. personal training
– How to establish YOUR practice as the number one place for their wellness needs
– The significant opportunity for wellness training in your community (and how to set up a step by step program and drive patients and attract referral sources)
– The blueprint on “reverse marketing”, consumer marketing that triggers referrals from doctors and other referral sources
– How to close “the deal” with clients and sell them high value ($$$$) wellness training programs with long term commitments to wellness training
– Strategies to developing a successful wellness training protocol

The only caveat with the 50 copies that are available is that you have to act right away. If you want to own a set for your private collection, order now, otherwise the DVDs will be SOLD OUT or worse, in the hands of your competitors. Click here pre-order the 2010 Summit DVDs at a discounted price of $497. You also get ALL the powerpoints and the training material from the event. Trust me, this is not the kind of information you want your competitors to get hold off, IT’S THAT GOOD. Since only 50 copies will be sold, this will be a collectors item. Don’t say I didn’t warn you if your competitors order this and start using the information and strategies in your area, with your doctors and patients.

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