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The Ignition Postcard

You’ll be getting a lot of useful information from me over the next few days

And you’re getting the Ignition Postcard FIRST because I truly believe this one little postcard can make you enough money to pay for the done-for-you home study toolkit called ‘Referral Ignition’ that I am about to launch and then some more….. even before Referral Ignition goes on sale.

Just wait and see what I have in store for you…

I’ll start by sharing the BEST way to reactivate past patients in your practice, something I have tested and used repeatedly over the years. If I hadn’t tried it first, I would never have seen its power because it’s based on something I’ve always been hesitant about.

Postcard Marketing

If you are like me, you have wondered if postcard marketing can work, if it is cost effective, where to get postcards made, how to design the content, what to put in the postcard, whom to mail it to, etc.

I always thought to myself: Who needs to do stuff like this? I am a good therapist, I went to school and I don’t need to market. Patients will come, doctors will refer.

But at a certain point in my practice, I knew the writing was on the wall. If I did not get the word out, my practice would start to decline. I was looking for a FAST, EFFECTIVE way to reach people in my community and tell them “Here is who I am, I am good at what I do, and I am here to stay”.

So I decided to use a postcard to get people to come back to my clinic, by sending it to past patients and local community residents…

This is called ‘prospect ignition’, which is one of the 4 pillars of marketing a clinic.

That’s why Referral Ignition has 4 modules – prospect ignition, patient ignition, physician ignition and community ignition.

And the IGNITION POSTCARD allows you to achieve prospect and patient ignition very quickly. This is the single most powerful strategy I have ever used to drive patients to my practice.

Only my private coaching clients have had access to it.

Now, I am giving it away.

It’s based on a very simple principle.

The Law Of Reciprocity

In his book “INFLUENCE – The Psychology of Persuasion” by Robert Cialdini, the author talks about inherent ‘human triggers’ that, when activated, stimulate automatic compliance mechanisms from people. For example, if you give me something, I feel obligated to give back something to you. If you hold open a door for me when I walk into a restaurant, I feel obligated to say ‘thank you’…

Here’s How It Works


You send people a postcard — > offer them something valuable, something they can use right away for FREE —-> past patients reconnect with you —–> prospects get introduced to your practice —–> you give them the free product and bundle it with an incentive to come to your clinic —–> more new patients, reactivation of old patients.

Now, I want to give you more than just vague concepts here. I will give you a postcard template in a word doc that is 6 X 11 in size (ready to be edited, it is already formatted for the printer), where the content is already pre-written for you, which you can use to immediately drive patients to your practice.

There’s more. What I am giving you here is a word doc that you can edit, customize and send to your printer, along with a CSV file of your patients. I also created a video explaining how to use this postcard and the psychology behind it, so you can understand exactly WHY and HOW it will work to drive past patients and prospects back to your practice.

Now, I realize the concept of sending a postcard is nothing new, but few people actually do it.

The big hang up a lot of us have about sending a postcard is that ‘it won’t work’ or that ‘you need a reason’ to send it. But if you’re only sending postcards during Christmas and Thanksgiving, then it’s hard to stand out.. But if you are surprising your past patients with an unexpected gift, you will instill a tremendous sense of goodwill and reciprocity. You are doing your patients a favor by sending them this postcard, and they in turn will return the favor by coming back to, or referring people to your clinic.

If you are not sure, let me tell you my results. When I first tested this with my own clinic, I sent it out to 4,567 people in the community.

Here is the result:

I Got 64 New Appointments That Week


So with all that said, here is a video walk-through of all components of this ‘prospect ignition’ postcard and a download link below the video, where you can get this file.

Do you see the power of this? Can you see how it can help your practice?

Well I’ve got news for you: You will get even more tools to build your practice in the next few days!!

Over the past 8 years, I’ve been working behind the scenes to put together ALL my practice building ideas and templates to serve 4 objectives:

1. Get prospects to become patients / clients

2. Get existing patients to refer friends and family

3. Get physicians to refer more patients

4. Increase visibility in the community

…In other words, how to build a viable practice for the viable practitioner.

I’ll be teaching these strategies, along with done-for-you scripts, letters, templates and powerpoints which you can customize in a new course called REFERRAL IGNITION.

You’ve probably already heard about it.

If it sounds like something you’re interested in …and want to cut in line and get early access, get on the early bird list by entering your email in the form below.


And regardless of whether you’re interested in REFERRAL IGNITION or not …be sure to use the ‘Ignition Postcard’ I gave you! It really works well and I’m sure it’ll help your practice.

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