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Hello, Nitin here. If you’ve been reading my blog and my articles for any length of time then you know my focus is on proven no nonsense strategies to grow your practice, and that I rarely have sales or discount on any of my programs.

Although the Black Friday sale is now over, you can be rest assured that you’ll still get outstanding value when you invest in any one of the products and programs below.

If you want to purchase any of my referral generation and practice building products, you can do so by clicking on the big yellow buttons beneath the products on this page. You’ll put your practice miles ahead of the competition and in the process build a sustainable, profitable business for yourself.

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The Whole Enchilada
Get all my top selling practice building programs, systems, and resources for 20% off!
Regularly: $5,744 NOW ONLY: $4,595

The introductory program to my more advanced ‘Referral Ignition Monthly’ training program, this 5 module course reveals FIVE tested, in the trenches, patient getting secrets.

This is a digital (download) program and includes modules on private practice success mindset, quick and easy ‘niche marketing’ for your practice, the practice multiplier method (exponential expansion of your products and services), community billboard system and the magic bullet time management breakthrough. The RI 5 Core Formula is includes five of my most effective, proven and low cost referral generation secrets that are guaranteed to bring new patients to your door.

Discover exactly how to double and even triple your private practice within 30 short days with digital (online) access to this private, closed doors workshop that Nitin conducted for a select group of coaching clients. Nitin is reaching deep inside his personal success tool box to offer you what he considers to be the most highly profitable yet completely overlooked referral generation strategies ever packaged into one ridiculously low priced offer.

If you have a burning desire to skyrocket your referrals, stop wasting money on dead-end marketing and start learning what one of most successful private practice owners in the world considers to be the most profitable tools and strategies you must know to build your private practice, then get these closed-doors, behind the scenes recordings! In this digital (online) 10 video training program that you will get instant access to, you will learn the secrets of attracting, selling, and retaining patients from the world’s most successful private practice owner. If you have a private practice or are planning to start one, this is THE blueprint to your success.

Hiring Rx is a powerful, proven system for private practice owners to identify, attract, hire and motivate clinical and non-clinical staff. Once you get enough referrals in your practice using the Referral Ignition monthly program, you’ll want to hire staff. The Hiring Rx program is a step-by-step, done-for-you hiring program specifically engineered to help you hire the right people to help you grow your practice.

Rich with hiring templates, automation strategies and specific guidelines to motivate staff to refer, Hiring Rx will help you grow your practice with the biggest asset of your practice – the right people. This program is the first of its kind in the physical therapy community and will allow you to take your practice to the next level. Discover revolutionary hiring strategies like the elimination method, boomerang positioning method, autopilot hiring and the staff efficiency engine. This is the end of all your hiring and recruitment needs. This is the only blueprint of its kind in the physical therapy community. Imagine having staff lining up to work for you with the ‘candidate pipeline’ strategy, transforming your practice and empowering you to live the dream private practice lifestyle. This program is an 8 week multi-media training program using audio, video and downloadable materials and you will receive instant access to the entire program. You’ll never look at hiring the same way again. You will never interview another candidate again.

This is a digital (online) program and is delivered in four modules.

Join the elite private practice owners who save thousands of dollars on marketing with a one-stop solution that guarantees you an endless amount of referrals and infinite growth in your practice live the good life. simplify and automate your practice. The only program to include website design, search engine optimization, video marketing, monthly marketing modules, integration with Therapy Newsletter and Clinical Contact, monthly private coaching calls, brochure design, corporate logo design, social media marketing and two group coaching calls with Nitin the value of this program is easily worth thousands of dollars to your practice.

Referral Ignition is a powerful, yet easy-to-use suite of tools that will immediately transform your practice by igniting new patient referrals and automating your follow up. It doesn’t matter whether you have a website or a patient email list, are completely new in your practice or have been in practice for 20 years with multiple clinics. If you don’t have anything in place, we’ll build everything for you. If you already have some components in place (like a website), we’ll improve it and integrate it together so you have more than a fancy website. You’ll have an automated system to transform every single patient into a human billboard for your practice. It’s everything you need to grow your practice – in one place.

Used by thousands of private practice owners in seven countries, Therapy Newsletter is an automated, done-for-you patient generation system guaranteed to explode your practice reputation with content-rich newsletters in email, print, video and fax format. This amazing technology was rebuilt to make it even more powerful and effective than ever before and will automate your entire referral generation system. If you want to gain recognition, stimulate referrals, generate additional revenue, and position yourself as the community’s leading physical therapy practice, then Therapy Newsletter is the answer!

The system will deliver two personalized newsletters to your patients and prospects every month on your behalf. You don’t lift a finger!

Who else wants the same technology used by thousands of fortune 500 companies, hospitals and doctor’s offices to help you get more patients, generate referrals, boost compliance and skyrocket patient retention… entirely on autopilot? 95% of your patients will check a text message within 5 minutes of receiving it. 94% of the population in the United States has access to a mobile phone. There are THREE things you carry when you step out of your home – the keys to your vehicle, your wallet containing cash and identification and your mobile phone.

Did you know text messages are CHEAPER and get read FASTER than traditional email and snail mail, allowing you to save time and money and get IMMEDIATE responses from patients? You can literally send out a text message at noon and get new patient appointments by 3 pm the same day. Clinical Contact is all this and more. It is an integrated, web-based solution with done-for-you text, voice, and email marketing facility to quickly grow your practice.

How would you like access to the unedited video recordings of the country’s # 1 seminar for private practice owners, where the nation’s top revenue generating private practice owners spilled their guts on how to increase physician referrals, add new patients and grow your practice tenfold, allowing you to assume a management role and step away from your clinic, with more free time for family and friends?

The 2012 private practice retreat transformed the lives of all attendees with business systems that bring in new patients, reactivate former patients and increase physician referrals with modules on automated referral generation, plugging financial leaks, survival to success to significance, onsite care programs, the owner-eliminated private practice, search engine optimization and much much more.

This is a digital (online) program and you will receive instant access to it, allowing you to watch the entire event, in the comfort of your own home TODAY! All the handouts and Powerpoints are included. Also includes downloadable digital video and audio for your PC, Ipod, Iphone, Ipad and Android devices.

The landscape of private practice is changing. What worked six months ago no longer works today. As the most unprecedented event of its kind, the Private Practice Summit has been raising the bar on practice building events with specialized tracks on referral generation, practice management, financial metrics and online / search engine mastery. Ever since the inaugural Private Practice Summit was launched in New Jersey three years ago, it’s come a long way with private practice owners flying in from England, Australia, Egypt and Canada in addition to all four corners of the country.

I’ve decided to bundle all three years of the Private Practice Summit – 2010, 2011 and 2012 in the biggest, most comprehensive practice building product ever known. You’ll get all the videos, handouts and powerpoints of the number one practice building event in the country, three years in a row. This is a digital (online) program and you will receive access to the 2010 and 2011 videos instantly. The 2012 videos will be made available next week since they are undergoing final processing.

fpm This was one of the most unconventional, out of the box events I have ever conducted and the unedited recordings were only made available to attendees. This sold-out event in New Jersey included detailed modules on billing and documentation to maximize reimbursements, hiring and management strategies to propel your practice to seven figures, medically supervised weight loss programs paid for by insurance companies, group fitness therapy, Facebook domination and neuropathy programs for physical therapists.

In what can only be described as ‘energizing’, the speakers delivered some outstanding nuggets that had the audience amazed. We’ve never got more testimonials from an event. This is a digital (online) program and you will receive instant access to it, allowing you to watch the entire event, in the comfort of your own home TODAY! All the handouts and Powerpoints are included. Also includes downloadable digital video and audio for your PC, Ipod, Iphone, Ipad and Android devices.

Join us for the #1 Rated Physical Therapy Business Conference in the Country. <——— Click here to secure your tickets before the price goes up.

Ignition 2

September 23, 24, 25 in San Diego, CA.

Tickets are 65% off for a limited time.

We only have a certain amount of tickets available at this price, so

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