The new year is here. The world is changing. Are you catching up or getting left behind?

If you have not done so already, it’s time to write down your goals for 2009 and beyond.

My goals are as follows:
– Buy a home, for which my income should be maintained or increased.
– Become recognized as a top 100 twitter friend and become recognized as the #1 authority in fitness and physical therapy marketing.

To achieve these goals, I will:
– Communicate with existing and new clients via regular mail, email and phone to maintain / increase revenue this year and strive to generate new referrals. 10 lines of communication, at a minimum, will be maintained each week.
– Post on twitter every day, and my blog at least once a week and provide useful, valuable content.
– Announce 5 major joint venture partnerships that will change the way fitness and physical therapy is marketed across the United States.

Stay tuned.

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