Google Changes Physical Therapy Business

Google has changed the way people use the internet, and it is now changing the way a physical therapy business markets itself.

And now, with the advent of Google Local, they are doing it again.

Did you know that a well structured Google Local listing can have your private practice website on page one of Google within days, if not hours?

Imagine a patient searching for “physical therapy (name of your town)” or “physical therapist (name of your town)”. If this patient was to arrive at your site, and you were able to get their contact information, follow up with them and build a lifelong relationship, what would that mean for your practice?”

If you are serious about growing your physical therapy business, this is something that you cannot ignore.

Observe the first ranking. Now observe the last ranking. Since a Chiropractor clearly knows what he is doing, he is ranking for the search term “physical therapist new york city”

Here’s the bottom line – Every private practice must have a website that appears on page one of Google, and one that converts visitors into prospects. The strength of a website lies in its ability to convert cold traffic to warm traffic. A website is like your 24/7 salesman on the internet. It is your physical therapy business ally.

There is a flip side to the coin. It is frustrating to find a good web designer who meets your needs and delivers on time. You definitely don’t want to spend several weeks or several thousand dollars designing a website that is a mishmash of information and benefits, because that leaves patients confused and frustrated.

I can speak of this from my own experience…

I’ve spent thousands of dollars on websites that took months to complete, looked horrible and most importantly, could not be found anywhere on search engines.

The truth is, most web designers have NO IDEA how to get visitors OR convert them into prospects and patients. You see, a good website for your practice is NOT about how pretty it looks and how much information you give the patient.

It’s about one thing and one thing only.

Conversions. CONVERSIONSAll that mattersCan you get the visitor to contact you? This instantly identifies the visitor as a prospective patient. If your website does anything else, it’s missing the point.

Example of a good conversion: For every 100 visitors that come to your site, at least 5 of them contact you to request more information.

Imagine if your practice had a clean, professional website that was a patient generation machine, NOT a glorified brochure without a strategic intent.

With every ambitious goal comes a creative challenge.

The challenge for me was finding a team that could understand marketing, provide quality designs and integrate my Referral Ignition methods at a low cost with a quick turnaround time. Ideally 4-5 business days.

That’s why when I finally found a team who delivered quality, search-engine-optimized websites at a great price with a good turn around time I was ECSTATIC.

It’s been one of the single biggest factors of my success today…  I just let them create my websites while I focus on the critical tasks that I am good at.  This team consists of sophisticated web design professionals who use the latest eye catching designs (did you know light blue and light green colors are pleasing and elicit trust from visitors?)

Web design is a science and an art, and this team understands it inside out. They understand how Google works, and are on the cutting edge of all search engine optimization strategies.

They do the thinking, so you and I don’t have to stress over websites.

After some arm twisting, I decided to convince them to offer their services to my readers, and to make things significantly easier for you, I wrote ALL THE CONTENT for the website.

The result? You get a done-for-you website, within 4-5 business days, and it’s possible to appear on page one of Google Local.

Here are some of the things you should consider about Google and the way they can change your physical therapy business.

  • There are 12,000 + searches a month for “physical therapists new york” on Google alone
  • There are 6,600 + searches a month for “physical therapy new jersey” on Google alone
  • There are 18,100 searches a month for ‘physical therapist ca’ on Google alone

Now the question is: Are they finding you?

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