Historical Images with BIG Lessons for Private Practice Owners..

To grow a private practice, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

Follow in the footsteps of those before you, with time-tested principles.

Recently, I received an email from my colleague Ron Davis, our  Chief Business Strategist at Referral Ignition, which contained 53 colorized images from the past – something you definitely want to click and check out.

These pictures had been “colorized” to simulate for the viewer what the world really looked like back then. And it was truly spectacular. Imagine seeing vivid, full color never-before-seen-in this-light pictures of historical figures like

  • Pablo Picasso
  • Winston Churchill
  • Albert Einstein
  • Charles Darwin
  • Henry Ford

As I scrolled through the photos (and I did that more than once), I realized that each vivid image of everyday people, icons and the infamous contained different attributes that revealed a road map of insights for private practice owners to create a thriving recession-proof private practice.

I have analyzed a few images that really stood out, and identified the insights they reveal. Here are just a few of the images that stood out, and lessons we can learn as physical therapy business owner.

Claude Monet in 1923

Step back from your practice to gain perspective.

Struggling private practice owners are often too close (immersed in the day-to-day minutia of their clinic – low lifetime value tasks) to truly ‘see’ what’s holding them back from achieving consistent growth.

It’s human nature to get ‘trapped’ in a comfort-zone of habits (business as usual) where you concentrate on only a few aspects of their clinic, rather than stepping back to see all of the elements that shape the success or failure of the clinic (what’s working and areas for improvement).

Successful private practice owners gain the proper perspective on their practices (the foundation for a thriving practice) by identifying and evaluating each part of their practice’s internal structure and how they work together (or don’t) to create an exceptional patient experience. They concentrate on the big picture.

Helen Keller meeting comedian Charlie Chaplin in 1918

Become an effective communicator.

Struggling private practice owners tend to struggle with communication…with physicians, current and former patients, prospects, referral sources, the community and their staff.

The good news is, this is easy to fix.

Successful private practice owner are very vocal about the benefits of physical therapy, and they do so on an ongoing basis.

They tell the community what physical therapy is all about. They let everyone know about the benefits of physical therapy. They demonstrate why they are experts in restoring and improving motion in people’s lives; that the services offered by their clinics can provide an alternative to painful and expensive surgery or that they can with your help manage or eliminate pain without long-term use of prescription medications.

Winston Churchill, 1941

Strong leadership and motivation creates an exceptional practice.

Successful private practice owners create a culture within their clinics. They define expectations and the vision that they have for the patient’s experience from the first call, the moment they walk through the doors of the clinic, to their final treatment session.

But most importantly, successful private practice owners focus on getting the staff to buy into their vision, because they know that once that is accomplished, their employees will not only meet those expectations, but will exceed them.

Albert Einstein, 1921

Learn to think outside of the box.

Successful private practice owners realize that thinking outside the box is more than just a business cliché. It means approaching how to consistently grow their practices in new, innovative ways; conceptualizing problems differently; and understanding their position in relation to any particular situation in a way never thought of before. Ironically, it’s a cliché that means to think of clichéd situations in ways that aren’t clichéd.

They realize that buying lunches and leaving brochures aren’t necessarily a straight path to new referrals for physical therapy marketing.

They looked to be mentored in what’s working now, and what will be working months down the road regardless of a changing economic landscape; by attending conference like the Private Practice Summit 2019 to learn cutting-edge strategies and to network with other successful practice owners, as their competitors spend their time playing catch up…often too late.

Samurai Training 1860

Consistency and persistence yields results.

Successful private practice owners are the samurai of the physical therapy industry. They know that the only thing that matters is that consistency (in day-after-day providing an exceptional patient experience) and persistence (in strategic and innovative marketing efforts) yield measurable bottom line growth.

Charles Darwin

Adapt or die.

Successful private practice owner evolve with the changing economic times. They are not locked into a “business as usual” mentality, unwilling to adapt to the new requirements for continued growth in the Obamacare era. They do what is necessary to ensure the survival of their clinics as their competitors fall prey… swept up in a tide of uncertainty, fear and dis-information.

They learn (using resources like this blog – Nitin360), they prepare, they motivate, they implement, they communicate (to physicians, current and former patients, the community) that their clinics have the internal culture, the expertise, and a clear understanding of their role in meeting the needs of a society struggling to find reasonable healthcare services options.

Henry Ford, 1919

Systems set the stage for growth.

Successful private practice owners have the freedom to work ON their businesses rather than IN them for one simple reason…systems. Without systems and solid planning, private practice owners can jeopardize valuable growth opportunities. By thinking proactively and consistently working on an operations plan, your clinic will be ready for healthy development.

We learn from the path others have walked before us.

I would be very interested in hearing what insights you have gained from reviewing the 53 colorized images from the past. Please leave your comments below.

Committed to your success,

Nitin Chhoda PT, DPT

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