Top 5 Tips To Become a Celebrity Physical Therapist (time sensitive)

I’m about to fly out the door for a meeting with a PT who owns several private practices. (Working on some top secret things with some of the most entrepreneurial PTs in the country. Will fill you in on this one later.)

Also, I just got off the phone with my good friend and star physical therapist Jeff Cavaliere, 3 time PT  for the New York METS, featured on the cover of ADVANCE 2008, also named one of America’s top 50 greatest trainers in 2008 by Men’s Fitness Magazine.

I convinced Jeff to do a LIVE webinar this Thursday, 7/15 at 8 pm EST (that’s 5 pm PST) and YOU are invited to listen and ask him ANY question in this exclusive event. Learn more and join us here:

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Don’t miss this webinar because we will be making a BIG announcement at the end of the webinar.

The subject is “Top 5 Tips To Become a Celebrity Physical Therapist”

Here are just SOME of the things Jeff is going to reveal this Thursday at 8 pm EST (that’s 5 pm PST)

• How to acquire the success mindset
• How to become an official physical therapist for professional athletes
• What to say to local media and sports teams so that WANT you to train their premier athletes
• The right and the wrong ways to gain a celebrity status
• How to take the fear factor out of dealing with high profile athletes
• How to build a reputation of being the A-list physical therapist in your community

and much much more…

Go ahead and sign up for the webinar here:

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