Igniting Referrals From Patients

Besides quality care, there is a strategy that allows you to pull patients and referral sources towards your physical therapy business.  It’s called ‘education based marketing’. You empower patients to recover faster and become healthier by educating them with tools (books, audio CDs and DVDs) that you create (or have rights to) and that position you as the expert. You ‘give away’ these tools to prospects (advertising) and patients (reactivation) to drive people back to your clinic.

I call this the ‘patient stimulator’ approach.

Here are some examples of patient stimulators. One or more of these might be applicable to your practice.

The 3 critical components of fall prevention
Pre and post-natal care redefined – The Physical Therapy perspective
The ultimate pain relief protocol
Injury prevention and sports conditioning for baseball
FINALLY! Do away with that ‘pain in the neck’
Put the ‘spring’ back in your step – Knee pain elimination 101
5 ways to overcome low back pain
How to beat arthritis

In my upcoming training program called Referral Ignition, all participants get done-for-you books (peer reviewed content and professional design – ready for you to customize) on all of the above topics, plus a whole lot more (shoulder pain, elbow pain, wrist pain, hip pain, knee pain, obesity, concentration, fall prevention and many more)

I also reveal a unique formula for private practice success that can be summed up as:

QS + RP + PS + CI + NO = Private Practice Success

  • Quality service (QS)
  • Right patient (RP) Importance of niches, hyper segmented markets
  • Patient stimulator (PS) Allow you to build trust, overcome skepticism, stand out and reverse hesitation
  • Continuity income (CI). The initial patient visit is the beginning of the relationship. How can you continue to do business with them over and over again?
  • Next Offer (NO) What else can you provide them? People always want whats next…People always want the ‘new thing’

The ultimate goal is to improve Patient Perception

Patient perception is a priceless, enduring asset for your practice.  It is directly related to the success of your practice. A successful practice is measured by:

  • Number of visits (revenue)
  • Longevity of your patients
  • Patient conditioning
  • Influence

For more information about my upcoming referral ignition program, click here to visit the Referral Ignition Website

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