Video Marketing For Physical Therapists – The Cutting Edge

VIDEO MARKETINGWhat an afternoon…What a workshop….

I owe it to a new friend I made a few days ago, and his business partner.

This new friend is a guy with a quite, almost shy demeanor, with very humble beginnings as a non-English speaking immigrant scraping by to survive.

Hidden beneath this toned down exterior lies the revolutionary mind of a thinker, and a giver. This post introduces you to one of the world’s most powerful minds in internet and physical therapy business marketing.

Towering at 5 feet 6 inches and 150 pounds of pure muscle is the new face of internet video marketing, Arnel Ricafranca. Arnel is the President and Founder of Fitness VIP, and runs a fitness bootcamp in New Jersey. What’s more interesting is the fact that Arnel’s fitness videos on you tube have over 30 million views, he has over 400000 email subscribers to his newsletter, and has more individuals subscribed to his youtube videos than Oprah Winfrey. His business partner is no exception – one of the sharpest minds in internet marketing; Jesse Vince Cruz.

Arnel and Jesse are launching a product that will teach physical therapists how to market patient-friendly videos on the internet and drive hundreds, potentially thousands of potential patients to your website within days.

I got a sneak peek at it today and can tell you that I am DYING, DYING for them to launch the product to physical therapists. It is a home study DVD course, with a manual that will change the way you market your physical therapy business.

If you want to know what the product is, and how to get it, you have to (like me) wait till he releases it to the public. In the meantime, imagine this scenario..

Imagine if your patients could watch exercise programs in the comfort of their own homes, on their pc. Imagine if you could shoot a video in minutes, without any technical expertise, upload it to the internet, get hundreds of potential views from patients in minutes, get feedback realtime, update your videos and empower your patients complete a home exercise routine, all with a few simple clicks.

What can this potentially do for your private practice??

Stay tunedfor more updates on Arnel and his new product. You can check out his website at