Las Vegas Masterminding – Secrets To 21 New Patients

I’m writing you sipping a cup of coffee in a lounge at the MGM Grande Hotel in Las Vegas, masterminding with a private group of the most successful, elite group of physical therapists, private practitioners and physical therapy business owners you will ever meet.

The information exchange in this group is not for the faint hearted – it’s light years ahead of the nearest competition. These therapists work less than 20 hours a week and have practices generating 7 figures in revenue.

This group has long abandoned traditional ways of referral generation. Each member overcomes seemingly insurmountable barriers (how will I get the physician to refer to me) as easily as a knife cuts through warm butter (I have to find the time to call that physician back). They are not squeamish, sensitive or emotionally conflicted about marketing their practice – they are POWERHOUSES at marketing and pioneers in time management, referral generation and business success. They go deep with their specializations (like I mentioned in my blog earlier this week) and take their marketing to a whole new level.

It’s said that inspiration comes at critical moments that define your practice. In the past 24 hours, my presentation has helped the group define not one, but 6 such a-ha moments that will further increase revenues including:

  1. How to set up credit card acceptance without the need for a physical credit card terminal (internet based cc acceptance and wireless credit card swiping machines), and how to get patients to want to give you their credit card information without you asking for it – allowing them to settle dues, copays, pay for additional services etc
  2. How to get patients to clamor to buy additional products and services (which you may not even be offering yet, and how to set them up in minutes)
  3. How to get physicians to call you begging to be featured in your newsletter
  4. How to automatically capture several thousands (yes, thousand) names and email addresses of potential patients in your area using innovative offline (fishbowl method) and online campaigns (did you know youtube, facebook and craiglist can reveal new sources of patients, and these patients are yours for the taking if you know how to leverage these online sources?). If you are not doing this in your area, a competitor will, in the next few weeks.
  5. How to use anticipation and perception to create such a tremendous sense of value for your services so patients never ever hesitate to pay you what you ask for, because they think they are underpaying for your (overvalued) service.
  6. How to automate your marketing with time-tested, done-for-you material, so you control your practice and manage your staff to achieve TRUE freedom, instead of your practice controlling you
  7. The importance of viral marketing in your physical therapy business

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