Meet the Wealthiest Physical Therapist on the Planet (and he doesn’t treat patients)

Meet Nathan, he’s the wealthiest physical therapist you’ll ever meet.

He is a celebrity in his community. People recognize him everywhere.

His patients are happy. They refer others to him. Physicians love him.

They send him referrals constantly.

He doesn’t spend money on marketing, on websites or on advertisements.

His practice has grown over 140% since last year, entirely because of word-of-mouth referrals.

Nathan has something no other physical therapist in his area has.


He has the ability to create a COMMUNITY of patients. His patients ADORE him, and won’t go anywhere else.

Nathan is not a physical therapist.


He does not treat patients.


And that’s what separates him from all the other therapists..

He creates his own category. He wins, because he has created a competitive vacuum for himself.

I hope you realize by now that “Nathan” was actually an attendee of last year’s Private Practice Summit, and his name has been changed at his request..

In fact, he’ll be at the the upcoming Ignition 2016 event in San Diego, CA on Sept 23, 24, 25.

You see, there are a bunch of physical therapists like Nathan who are as real as the ground you walk on, and they areignition 3 growing DRAMATICALLY with more patients and cash-paying programs.

And that’s what separates him from all the other therapists.

They are enjoying more freedom, more satisfaction and living their dreams.

Take members of my private practice mastermind group like Andrew Vertson, Judy Cirullo, Sydney Mohsenion and Khurram Khan, all of whom you’ll get to meet at the summit.

Take members of my elite group like Randall Green, Andre Huu, Leonard Somarriba, Kerri and Bobby Chaffee, Ramon Lopez and Eva Norman.

You see, I know these private practice owners personally…

My team and I get to work with them monthly, weekly and some even daily and I see first hand why they are the most successful physical therapists on the planet.

I can tell you that they built their practice on FIVE core foundations:
1. They create a memorable experience for their patients.

(I’m guessing you do, too). All their patients feel appreciated, recognized and valued.

2. They invest time, money, effort and sweat.

Nothing replaces sweat equity, and the willingness to learn the right skills to grow their practice. They don’t reinvent the wheel. They take what works, and apply it.

3. They focus on what they can control.

They don’t make excuses. They work hard, and they work smart. They get stuff done. They don’t blame external forces (medicare, insurance companies) and they seize control of their own destiny.

4. They know their priorities.

They don’t bury themselves in low dollar value tasks. They focus on the high dollar value tasks. They look at the ‘forest’ and not the trees. They get the best software, hire the best people and spend time creating systems that help them automate their practice. They learn these skills from mastermind groups, books, DVDs and networking events.

They do the critical few and delegate the trivial many. The truth is – 5% of the things you do are the things that are most critical to the success of your practice. The other 95% can (SHOULD) be outsourced to people who will (probably) do that task better than you.
5. They understand that success is about understanding consumer psychology.

They understand what the patient really needs at a human level. The patient doesn’t need appointment reminders, or a T-shirt, or a water bottle as much as the patient needs empathy, understanding, interaction and results.

At the end of the day, Nathan doesn’t matter to your success and well-being.

You do.

And now, YOU have every opportunity to join the ranks of the most successful and highest earning physical therapists on the planet.

“YOU have access to every tool, resource, and system available to help you get there.”
Nitin Chhoda

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