More On Viral Fitness and Physical Therapy Marketing

Thanks for your feedback on the viral fitness marketing article.

feedbackSome suggestions – make sure your product is viral in nature; it should be beneficial, innovative, likable and easy to pass around. The ideal product should be one that users like, and one that benefits your bottom line. Most importantly, it should create a sense of value for marketing physical therapy.

It’s not easy to strike that balance, but here’s a guideline.

An exercise DVD on weight loss and healthy eating, for example, is not viral. It’s (yawn) boring, just like a DVD on “manual techniques to restore the alignment of the lumbar spine”.

An exercise DVD on ‘Weight Loss Scams’ and ‘Diets guaranteed to fail’ is a little more viral, as is a DVD on “Top manual therapists reveal the most beneficial lumbar spine manipulations”. A product like this is one of the best ways of getting the client to spend more.

Create something that can spread quickly and organically. Plan it carefully before its launched in the market.

Mould the product in such a way that it evolves, adding to its own body of knowledge as more consumers use it.

Besides it’s own organic enhancement, the product should benefit the user who spreads it. Remember the whats-in-it-for-me principle?

Start working on a viral fitness marketing plan for your fitness or physical therapy practice.

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