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Lately, I’ve been in talks with some of the most enterprising private practice owners in the country, including:

a) Jeff Cavaliere PT (3 time PT for the New York METS)
b) Larry Benz PT (Cofounder of Evidence In Motion)
c) Laura Miranda PT (pioneer of the “Group Physical Therapy” model)
d) Jamey Schrier PT (creator of the “VIP Patient Experience” formula)
e) John Hayes DC (founder of the “Health Solutions Group”)
and more..

Why is this important to you?

They have the complete A-Z insider’s view of a subculture of private practice owners who know what it takes to succeed in private practice. If you could peak into the mind of any one of them, it would be like walking into Fort Knox.

I just created a new product called the “Patient Attraction Formula” and I want to GIVE IT to you at no cost, as a way of saying THANK YOU. It’s a step by step system to get patients to start referring friends and family to your practice.


I’m going to reveal a patient attraction system that’s hiding right beneath your nose.

Want to know what it is? Internal patient referrals.

But not just any referral.

I’m talking about patients who are strong influencers in the community. These patients who have some serious pull with their customers, vendors, or even the community.

In fact, at this very moment you probably have several patients who know people that could use your services. And I’m going to show you how to get them to refer, refer, and refer.

While a lot of physical therapists work hard on external physical therapy marketing systems, many fall short when it comes to internal marketing systems.

The best new patients will come from your existing patients. But the key to making this happen is to set up a reliable system.

One of my favorite internal referral systems is the endorsed letter. Enroll now for 2016! (1)

Endorsed mailings pull patients to you like a magnet.

Think about your clients for a moment. What type of occupation do they have?

How many people do they have in their circle of influence?

Do you train any doctors, attorneys, accountants, executives or business owners? If so, all of these people have tremendous influence with their customers, employees, vendors and even the community.

This combined circle of influence can allow you to reach you to almost every single person in your community.

Why not ask them to endorse your services to their circle of influence? It’s pretty simple really.

Here are some things to remember when crafting your endorsed letter:

* You write the letter that your patient will send to his or her circle of influence.
* The letter should be on your patient’s business letterhead (if they have one)
* The letter should be addressed from your client.
* You pay for the envelope, stamp, and paper.

Join us on the 2016 Referral Ignition to know more about getting more referrals and growing your physical therapy business.

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