How To Beat The Sense Of Overwhelm

I was out for dinner with my wife at “Bone Fish Grill” last night in Pinewood, NJ and came across this amazing server named Brian. He was doing an outstanding job waiting tables, describing the items on the menu (the precise manner in which he described the salmon entree was a sight to behold) and conversing with patrons at the same time. It was clear that every other server was overwhelmed (a busy Friday night) while Brian was effortlessly multi-tasking.

After dinner and a big tip, I asked him “How do you manage to juggle so many things at one time?”.

His response “The reason I get paid is because patrons like you come in and order food. The least I can do it to provide you with outstanding service, help you make the right decision and make sure you are happy with your meal.”.

As clinicians, we have a lot more to handle than Brian does, but his insight got me thinking. He clearly knew his priorities. Instead of gravitating towards the things that came naturally to him (taking orders, serving meals) and appearing overwhelmed (like other servers), he went the extra mile.

As clinicians, we tend to gravitate toward the activities that come naturally to us – patient care.  As business owners, it’s overwhelming to try and juggle several things at one time. It’s no secret that time management is a skill we have to master. 200

In this video lesson, you will learn:

– A valuable principle known as the 80/20 rule
– How to prioritize your day-to-day efforts
– Methods to identify ‘high value’ growth activities
– Why you must DUMP ‘low value’ activities that drain time, money and resources

The number one problem I see my coaching clients make is spending too much time, money and resources on the ‘low value’ activities – emails, phone calls, faxes, cleaning supplies etc.

Outside of clinical excellence, being able to manage priorities, building systems and managing staff are important skills that every physical therapy business owner must learn.

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