I used to be that ‘little guy’, hoping my physical therapy business wouldn’t crumble under the weight of physician owned practices in the community and other vested interests that threatened my life, business, income and freedom.

I decided to do 2 things about it:

  • Seek out the most cutting edge information to help grow my practice
  • Implement every little thing I learned, perfecting it as I went along.  (notice I did not START with perfection, I started with implementation)

This changed my life, and when things finally came together, I went from 27 visits a week to 100+ visits a week in the next 3 weeks.

Over several years, I transformed myself (and now the members of my elite private practice mastermind group) from viable practitioners to viable practice owners.

Here’s some of the BIGGEST mistakes I see physical therapy private practice owners make with their lives, businesses, income, and freedom.

Maybe YOU’RE making these BIG mistakes too…

  • PERSONALLY treating patients day in and day out forcing them to work IN the practice and not ON it. (leading to total burn out)
  • They were dependent on insurance companies and one or two doctors for ALL their referrals. (unpredictable income)
  • They did not have any other source of revenue other than their own time (trading time for dollars)
  • They used old unpredictable advertising like print ads, fliers, and websites that NEVER built patient lists and were no where to be found on the search engines.
  • They had no script or system to convert a prospect into a patient.
  • They had practically ZERO patient referrals coming in and no matter how hoard they tried they could NOT get patients to refer.
  • Blaming POPS, hospitals, vested interests, insurance companies instead of seizing my own destiny (a mistake that I often made, I quickly realized it doesn’t help to be a crybaby about things like this).
And the list of “mess ups” go on, and on. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about.

I’ve covered the top 3 physical therapy business mistakes made by private practice owners elsewhere on my blog.

But now all that’s changed and for every single one of my mastermind clients, and it all started at ONE PLACE… Referral Ignition. Make sure to save yourself a seat before it runs out. Learn from the best and find out how other physical therapy business owners made it through.

See, while I’m the highest paid and most in demand physical therapy private practice consultant out there, the truth is, that Referral Ignition 2016 will mark the turning point for your physical therapy private practice.

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