5 Quick Tips To Boost Patient Referrals

In a physical therapy business, referrals are very important. It is what keeps your practice growing. It is not enough that we rely on word of mouth, as always, constant communication is the key. simple numbers big PT practice 2

Ready to learn the FIVE key elements to boost internal referrals? If you want a zero cost way to grow your practice, harness the power of patient referrals and discover some new, counter-intuitive options that exist right under your nose, here are the FIVE things your should do right away to increase patient referrals in your clinic.

  • Be GENUINE, Identify With Patients, Let Your Personality SHINE
  • Condition Patients To Take ‘Buying’ Actions From DAY ONE
  • Create COMMUNITY (Interaction, Fraternity, Camaraderie)
  • Master COMMUNICATION Modes and Frequency
  • Use strategically written EMAIL Subject Lines (actual examples provided)

Launching a physical therapy newsletter may be the one of the best marketing decision you will ever make. In this modern age when technology is almost used everywhere, majority or your patients have email addresses and prefer communicating via email or mobile.

The email subject line is my favorite part, since small tweaks in your subject can results in a BIG percentage increase in your open rate (and response) to all your emails. The subject line should reflect the body or the intent of the email. When your patients open their email, the first thing that they browse through are the email subject lines, they filter out the ones that are not so important or not so interesting especially those ones that they do not expect to receive. Therefore, if you put in a very weak subject line or poorly constructed subject line, chances are they will not read your email at all. Keep your email subject lines short and simple but make sure to offer value.

Want to learn some other email subject lines, specifically the ones that have been PROVEN to get high open rates? I give you the FULL details in my inner circle.

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