Can you describe your services, in 20 seconds or less, to an individual in an elevator?

Can you do it in such a way that the individual now WANTS to come to your clinic?

I think you will find this 10 minute video very instructive, since it will teach you how to stand apart from your competitors, and give you the edge in physical therapy marketing.

In order to stand apart as a physical therapy private practice, you need to be able to do 3 things:

a) Identify a targeted patient audience that you can serve (specialize)

b) Provide easy solutions (information) to those patients

c) Simply complex problems for the patient with a step-by-step blueprint / protocol that is easy for them to understand and implement.

Once you can provide patients (and the community) with this information in an easy to digest format (using various forms of delivery like newsletters, ebooks, teleseminars etc), you will immediately stand out as a provider and get noticed by doctors and patients.

How do you know you have done this successfully?

If you are able to describe your services to this complete stranger in an elevator (master your elevator pitch) in 20 seconds or less, and the stranger WANTS to come to your clinic and requests your business card before he leaves the elevator, you have done your job successfully.

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