Physical Therapy Marketing Lessons From Househunting

digitalTuesday is a day off for me and my wife Ritika, who is also a PT. She went house-hunting one Tuesday while I was clearing up stuff in our home office.

The apartment was beginning to get too small for us, and so we planned to buy a home in Morris County, NJ.

She called me at 3 pm that day, bursting with enthusiasm…”I think I found a great house”.. I almost fell off my chair and said “Really? What did you like about it?”.

“I just loved it, its a townhouse has 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms, a 2 car garage a finished basement…”

I delved deeper. “What about the taxes and monthly fees?”

“They are not a problem, but now that I think about it, there was no gym, and this is a 14 year old house.. I did see another house that was newer, with a gym and a clubhouse.

On second thought, lets just keep looking”

Next Tuesday, we filled up our schedule with 3 homes to check out.

The lesson? Give your patients a 5 star experience, your physical therapy business practice may excel in clinical areas, but there are other factors that a patients takes into consideration. Such as, how accommodating the staff is, am i valued as a patient, does my therapist truly care about my well-being and many more. Do not give the patients the slightest chance to look elsewhere for physical therapy. Be the best ‘physical therapy house’ for them that you possibly can. Inject a personal touch in every encounter, this is one of the most basic physical therapy marketing methods, and surely one of the most effective.

Build a solid reputation for your physical therapy business, as a practice that offers continuous and progressive value while filling a patient’s experience with powerful, positive vibes each and every time.

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