Lessons From The Private Practice Summit 2019 Event

The Private Practice Formula event last week at the Marriott Rutherford in NJ bought together some of the most successful physical therapists as speakers  with the most motivated, energetic members of our community. The collective intelligence in the room was nothing short of extraordinary, and it far exceeded the expertise of the speakers. You have the option to watch every second of the event from the comfort of your own home. If you want to purchase the unedited video recordings and course material from the entire event, please click here.

Here’s a quick video recap of everything that went on this past weekend. You had to be there to feel the energy, every speaker was like a bolt of lightening and they presented their best, most cutting edge stuff. By the end, the attendees had so much practical information they could use right away that some said they could not wait to get back home, since the mind was spinning out of control with ideas. You can see some of the testimonials from attendees when you scroll down this article, and secure your copies of the unedited video recordings of the entire event as well.

In case you missed it, I’d like to give you a synopsis of the key take home points from the event.

  • It is CRITICAL to improve existing systems (marketing, billing, operations) if you want to control your practice (otherwise it will control you).
  • Errors in insurance verification, data entry and untimely filing can cost your clinic thousands (and you may be able to find errors in seemingly normal EOBs).
  • Facebook is the new frontier to help you get a FLOOD of new patients in your clinic. Learn how to set up facebook fan pages, create lists of potential patients from Facebook by clicking here.
  • It is possible to get a number one ranking in Google for your clinic with a few simple steps; start by setting up your own FREE Google local account if you don’t have one already.
  • To be successful as a private practice owner, you MUST overcome  your reliance on ‘traditional’ models and set up AT LEAST ONE niche specific program.
  • Breaking tradition with a group fitness model and hiring fitness professionals to run ‘group classes’ for you is the next frontier for physical therapy private practice owners. Watch the ENTIRE presentation when you order the unedited DVDs of the event.
  • Leveraging your time by working with groups is CRITICAL to growth and expansion. You can ‘only do so much’ if you treat ONE patient at a time.
  • Setting up multiple streams of income with NEW models to increase revenue will allow you to offer MORE services to patients, improve the health of the community, leverage your time and increase revenue.
  • Systems to recruit, interview, retain staff are critical for the expansion of your clinic.
  • You must know the exact methods on how to find a good employee and analyze the break-even point for each staff member if you want to succeed in your practice.
  • Planning for the future, and potentially an exit strategy in your clinic is a good back up plan even though you may not be actively thinking about it now.
  • Overcoming the dependence on low dollar value tasks (tasks that can be delegated), and spending more time on high dollar value tasks (that pay you more per hour, but can ALSO be delegated) and spending the MOST AMOUNT OF TIME on high lifetime value tasks (the things only YOU can do, that give you the highest leverage in your life and practice) with examples. You’ll be SHOCKED at how much time you are wasting on ‘low dollar value’ tasks. Your emphasis should be on high lifetime value tasks (business analysis, marketing, working on your practice instead of ‘in your practice’) if you want to be a successful private practice owner.

You can get ALL the lessons from the event, in the comfort of your own home when you purchase the limited edition, unedited DVDs of the event. You ALSO get the powerpoint presentations, handouts and ALL course material that was handed out to the attendees when you click here to purchase.

The conference was phenomenal! It was well organized with lots of fresh, out of the box ideas and pragmatic solutions. It was back to back with outstanding speakers. If the end justifies the means, I left your event, renewed, refreshed, and anxious to get on track with my company growth objectives, using my newly won IPAD to stay connected with prospects, and patients. Overall, it was brilliant, techy and refreshing.
Ibrahima Diallo PT
THANK YOU for everything! I am so thankful that I attended this seminar. I love being a physical therapist but as a physical therapy practice owner, I always hated marketing. Nitin and this seminar has made me love marketing. I am excited and grateful for the information that was presented. It will take my practice to the next level.
Liz Canoni PT
Nitin, I thank God for people like you for sharing unselfishly of your knowledge! I am just fortunate enough to attend this weekend's brain stimulating event! I have spoken so highly of you and the other speakers to my husband and to all my colleagues! I cannot wait to implement all that I have learned! I am planning to open up my own place before the next seminar you will have again in Rutherford! I will definitely sign up again ( that's on oct, right?!) and will be bringing some of my PT friends along too! I hopefully would like to be part of the mastermind group by then! 🙂 It was my pleasure and honour to meet you... I was the quiet one but actively busy absorbing all information!!! Thank you very much!!!
Ma Alicia Sidletskyy PT
I really enjoyed the event this past weekend. I got alot out of it and plan to implement it as I start my practice. It was nice to meet you. I plan to see you again in the future. I agree 100% with you on resuming the reading habit.
Travis Lombardi PT
Thank you for these 2 fabulous days which I enjoyed them so much, I couldn't imagine that will be that much succesful therapist under one roof sharing their experience and show you the right way to reach your goals. Thanks a million. And I appreciate if you can carry these thanks to everybody we met at this event. I enjoyed every bit of it, It gave me a lot of experience and opened my eyes to many ideas I'm planning to implement it on my practice right away.
Mohamed Sanad PT
Thanks for an outstanding conference. It is obvious the amount of time and preparation that it took to produce such a wonderful program. I so appreciate all that you and your business does!
Jan W. Braunstein, PT, CFE, CWCP
I enjoyed the course to the fullest. You did a great job as a speaker. You truly deserve this testimonial. Nitin's Private practice formula is an informative event not only for physical therapists who own their practices but also for a physical therapist like me who dreams of owning their practice in the near future. Nitin and his fellow speakers gave me a great insight in new marketing strategies both on-line and offline. I learned tons of interesting business building ideas that can be instantly implemented. Every speaker was awesome and some unique knowledge to share. Thanks Nitin for giving me such an enriching learning experience. Keep up the good work guys.
Mangesh Borkar PT
Nitin Chhoda PT, DPT is very knowledgable and charismatic. I attended the conference in Rutherford NJ last weekend at the Marriott. I traveled a 10 hour drive from NC. It was worth the trip! The 2 days were packed with useful information and was inspiring! I opened my mind to new prospects. To be around successful like minded people was extremely encouraging to me. I wish I had met Nitin before I made the many marketing mistakes which has cost me thousands of dollars. Nitin's formula for a successful practice would work no matter what speciality services you offer. I highly recommend new owners and seasoned owners to attend one of his seminars.
Brenda Ranagan PT, DPT
I attended Nitin's Private Practice Formula conference this past weekend. Being a Physical Therapist for over 25 years, it's hard to find a quality program in which you can directly take the information and start applying it. I enjoyed all of the speakers and the out of the box mentality. It was refreshing to meet and talk to other private practice owners and share experiences and ideas on that level. I would highly recommend this program for young private practice owners as well as experienced owners.
Michael DeChello MS, PT
I have utilized Nitin's knowledge regarding all aspects of our business. I can say that if you are willing to put in the time and listen to his plan, you will have success. I have received personal phone calls regarding all aspects of our business, which exceeded my expectations... he is committed to your success. I have learned the hard way to stop swimming up stream and delegate tasks. If you want results, you need to stop paying $20,000 or more for services that can be and should be under your control. The ROI for his programs for our clinic has been off the charts!! I would not want the competition to have this plan, but Nitin is improving the business side of our profession which I commend. Thanks!
Jeremiah Jorgensen PT, PTLincoln
Honestly - in only implementing small amounts of your concepts - my practice has expanded and thrived. Month over month, since starting Private Practice Summit, I have remained busy - almost to the point of busting at the seams. All without any holiday slowdown at the end of 2010. In fact, despite a slow beginning to 2010, with the implementation of your Private Practice Summit concepts, I had not only the highest revenues I have seen in the past two years, but the highest revenues my practice has ever seen. Along with this, my January has been better than any the clinic has ever seen. Thanks to you and Private Practice Summit, my practice is thriving and expanding.
Christopher Arrigo PT, Advanced Rehabilitation
You openly shared your scars, triumphs, and secrets from your journey. It was obvious that you and your successful colleagues are collaborating to spread the wealth and grow a stronger profession. I left energized with many practical ideas that I can implement without overwhelming myself or my staff. Let's help more people with P.T. and earn the rewards of great service.
Brian Cox DC PT

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