Put It All On The Line

I’ll share some actual examples of physical therapy marketing pieces that are working in several industries including one innovative marketing technique I ran into when I was picking up some medication for my mother-in-law at a local pharmacy.

What If You Had To Put It All On The Line?

I find that most practices for physical therapy marketing achieve some level of success using different strategies from courses, programs, conventions etc but they never ‘go to the next level’. If anything, success leads to accomplishment, which can create a sense of complacency and lower standards of performance for the future. I’ve seen this happen time and time again.

There is a way to guard against this. You have to be on your toes at all times, almost paranoid about your business. It’s your responsibility to keep your business running and profitable at all times as a private practice owner. No two ways about it.

Consider This…

What if you approached your practice like it was about to go out of business, like you were fighting for your very survival?

What if this was the day where you had to put everything on the line just to keep your days open?

What if you had to maximize every aspect of the before, during and after patient experience, failing which you would be history?

What if you had just one chance to make (or break) your reputation?

For some practices, success can lead to complacency, which can lead to an inevitable downfall.

The Fine Line Between Success and Complacency

Well, the practices that succeed have these things dialed in, because they are constantly improving. The line between success and complacency is as fine as the line between laziness and failure.

On one side of this line is constant, evolving success. On the other side is ‘sufficiency’ or ‘acceptance’ of the minimum acceptable standard, which is nothing but mice running around in circles in a cage.

Successful practice owners push boundaries and constantly get out of their comfort zone. They embrace the ‘fish out of water’ feeling. Since we’re not taught to do this in school, it’s counter-intuitive for most private practice owners.

It’s Easy To Put Your Head Down and Conform To The Norm

For a winner, there is no sense of complacency at any time. Anthony Robbins is well known for saying “The two things that set your business apart are innovation and marketing”. If you are not constantly innovating to set yourself apart and marketing intelligently at the same time, your practice is dying.

In fact, if you don’t put it all on the line everyday, you may be fighting for your very survival one day.

It’s your choice. It’s also time to make that decision. Don’t wait for tomorrow. Make the decision and seize your moment right now.

Have a great week!

Nitin Chhoda PT, DPT

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