Reinvention For Your Practice

Changing the way you do things in your practice is important for several reasons.

  • It keeps you and your staff motivated
  • It gives patients a reason to talk about you
  • It gives you a reason to contact physicians

I know there are a lot of things on your mind and the thought of reinvention can seem pretty intimidating. After all, you are juggling several things, and you don’t have room for anything else.

But reinventing yourself is essential. It’s also very invigorating for your brand and your business, whether you are a small private practice or the world’s largest brand. Here’s an example.

The Release of the iPhone 5

This week, Apple (the most successful technology company in the world) took the most successful phone in the world, the iPhone, and completely reinvented it, pushing the stock price of Apple to an all-time high.

Also, the iPhone 5 went on sale at 12.01 PST on September 14 2012, which is 3.01 am EST. People stayed up all night to be able to pre-order the phone online. The first batch was sold out within minutes. If you try and order the iPhone 5 now from the Apple online store (at the time of writing this), you have to get in line and wait two weeks.

Here’s the best part (for Apple, anyway). Consumers who want the product will wait for two weeks. They won’t buy another phone. In fact, the unavailability of the phone adds to the sense of urgency (and exclusivity) to acquire the phone and boost demand even further. Below is a screenshot from the Apple website at 9.25 am EST on 9/14/12.

Apple redesigned a product that was already pretty successful from the ground up. They made it taller, in addition to changing the architecture of the screen, the charging cable, the processor that powers the phone and much more.

The company could have played it safe, and made a small change, but they went back to the drawing board and reinvented what was already working.

To take most successful phone in the world and make it even better takes courage. In fact, they’ve done such a simple and elegant job describing the phone, you might want to read the description just to see how well they market themselves. Click here to read a description of the iPhone 5 simply because it’s a training lesson in “How to create your own category in a market that’s crowded and dominated by other players”. Remember the age of Nokia and Blackberry ‘smart’ phones?

You might notice the use of phrases such as:

  • Brilliant
  • Ultrafast
  • Thinnest
  • Powerful
  • Blazing
All this to describe a phone? Yes.

There are many lessons here, and all of them can be applied to your practice. For starters, how would it make you feel if patients had to wait two weeks to be seen by you? What if they waited instead of going to another practice?

So How Do You Reinvent Your Practice?

For starters, use descriptive language to define your services. Don’t exaggerate, but believe in your service (or product) and speak with a flourish, a flair that is captivating. Steve Jobs was well known for using the word ‘stunning’ to describe the iPhone when it first launched. Here’s an article on the right words to use in your practice.

Some phrases you can use to reinvent everything you offer include:

  • A major breakthrough in _____________.
  • You owe yourself a ____________.
  • Not just another _____________.
  • They don’t call us _______________ for nothing.
  • What they never tell you about ________________.
  • How many times have you said to yourself?______________________.
  • Anyone who knows _________________ will tell you _________________.
  • Discover the real truth about _____________________.
  • In the next six weeks, you could be_____________________.
  • Get all the facts about_____________________.
  • Don’t make these ______________________ mistakes when you _______________________.
  • The best kept secret in _____________________________.
Offer The Patient Multiple Services

Don’t restrict yourself to physical therapy alone. Diversify your income sources with a combination of massage, acupressure, laser, dry needling, fitness training and other services so you are not dependent on physical therapy reimbursement alone. This helps you attract a wide variety of patients and makes you immune to the impact of physician owned private practices, hospitals and ACOs.

Starbucks has done an excellent job at this. Think about it, the last time you went to a Starbucks, when was the last time they sold you just coffee? In fact, you can expect to buy audio CDs at Starbucks these days. I wrote a very detailed article on how to make your practice the ‘Starbucks’ of your area here.


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