In any profession having your best foot forward paired with a pleasant demeanor will always be the best way to go. The same applies to being a physical therapist. This most specially applies to private practice owners that are marketing physical therapy services.

I would like to share an experience I had with a patient of mine and how I benefited from it by just being my normal jolly self.

My patient burst out laughing at me one morning. Then, when she was done with therapy, all I did was say to her “Thank you, come again”, and she and I burst out laughing together. I then said to her, “I know it’s like I work at 7/11 (not that there’s anything wrong with it) but hey, can you blame me for sticking to the stereotype?” And I did it again, this time, in a nasal, goofy accent, “Thank you, come again”, and as expected, both of us had another good laugh.

10 minutes later, I received 2 phone calls. One from her brother and the other from his cousin, both were in need of physical therapy and were currently looking for a therapist. Somehow, the word spread. They were talking about me.

Moral of the story, Make your patients laugh. Making an effort to build good rapport with your patients will surely be appreciated and remembered. They will in turn, refer their friends or family members whenever the need arises. In fact, they will have no qualms with pulling out their wallets & give you money.

The concept is simple, but it is one sure-fire way to help your physical therapy business grow.

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