Three Keys To a Successful Physical Therapy Practice

I did some thinking this past weekend. I asked myself two simple questions:

  • Why I got into private practice
  • What makes some private practice owners successful while others struggle to get patients
My answers might resonate with you.

a) I got into private practice so I could be my own boss.

b) The reason most of my clients are successful is because they do what it takes to get the right education, they innovate and implement what they learn faster than others.

In any industry, the ‘early adopters’ always get a significant advantage over the ‘later bloomers’.

Look at Apple. No one can challenge their dominance with music, cellular phone, personal computing (and soon to be TV) space with the Ipod, Iphone, Ipad and (soon to be dominant) Apple TV.

So the keys are:

  THe eii approach

  • Education
  • Innovation
  • Implementation
I called this the “EII Approach”.
Take for example, search engine optimization. Google recently changed their entire algorithm. Hundreds of major websites including Technorati, the Today Show and eHow have vanished from the Google network.

Companies that don’t use the “EII Approach” will get left in the dust, no matter how big or small they are.

If someone tells you they know SEO, ask them to show you their own rankings in the search engines.

For example, just google “physical therapy marketing” and click  on the first result (go on).

Enough said.

With everything in your practice, I encourage you to educate yourself, innovate and implement.

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