The FOUR Questions That Staff Members Should Answer Daily

Recently, I took 2 weeks off from my business and the only reason I could to do that was because:


  • My business is run by systems
  • These systems are implemented by the right people.
If your physical therapy private practice does not have the right systems in place, doing things such as  hanging out in beautiful places like Coronado Island in San Diego, or going fishing, or whatever you find peaceful and fun to do is not something that can ever cross your mind.

Just asking yourself – do you want to be a physical therapist working to the bone, getting jaded, or do you want to become the rainmaker, employing other individuals, creating jobs, helping patients and changing lives on a much larger scale than you ever imagined? 

Remember, Its okay to take a break from you physical therapy business as long as you have the right systems in place and the right people to implement it. Another key ingredient is to have manuals in place so that if you ever step away from your clinic, if someone from your clinic was to leave or was to quit all of a sudden, you could have someone pretty much take their place immediately.

This means less stress and more peace of mind for you.

One system that I use has been extremely valuable that helps completely automate and improve systems in my business is a very simple task that I have my staff members complete every single day.

Here it is.

At the end of every day, every single one of my staff members answers 4 questions.  I’ve formulated these questions after years and years and years of testing and tweaking systems in my business and I think these are going to be very valuable for you in your practice as well.

“What did you do today?”

You can have the staff member in just a couple of lines like “I did 10 visits today” “I completed two new evaluations”. This will allow your staff to measure their own efficiency.


“Do you have any questions for me about what you did today?”

This encourages interaction with your staff member so that the staff member can basically voice their concerns, discuss their opinions, or simply seek clarity about something.  This will be useful to your staff as this allows them to learn and improve.



“What feedback do you have to make the process better?”

This is extremely valuable because now you are getting your staff members to give you their opinion on how things can get better and faster in your practice.  The more you can engage your staff members, the more you can get their feedbacks so that they can help you improve your practice better.


“What is your plan for the next day?”

This gets the staff members thinking about what they should be doing the next day as opposed to just shutting off completely and that can help them be more productive the following day.

I hope you find these suggestions useful. Implement these in your practice and you’ll see an improvement in systems, and in the way people implement those systems immediately.

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