The Group Physical Therapy Specialist

I just got off the phone with Laura Miranda PT,  based in Manhattan. Laura has done an amazing job combining fitness and physical therapy and now has a waiting list of clients with her unconventional strategies to work with patients and clients in groups.

You can listen to the interview below. It is a 28 minute interview packed with marketing and mindset gems. Inner Circle members can download and print the interview in PDF format. Inner Circle members can also listen to the entire interview by downloading it to a home computer or Ipod. That’s not all, I have also included a 10 point synopsis of the most important take-home points from the interview, with my own insights on how to take action now for Inner Circle members.

In this interview, Laura pulls back all the curtains in her business and reveals the following nuggets:

a) The importance of mindset as a physical therapist
b) The tremendous scope that exists for physical therapists in the fitness and wellness industry
c) Her unconventional, but highly successful niches in New York City (you won’t guess which ones, I’ll bet on it)
d) Her strategies for getting publicity in the media
e) How she has structured a cash paying program with little or no involvement from traditional referral sources
f) The precise manner in which she structures her programs
and much much more..

Inner Circle members can click here to access my ‘cliff notes’ from the call, including my personal insights into six figure producing ‘bootcamps’. Laura will also reveal all her strategies to create bootcamps in detail during a no-holds barred interview in the “Group Physical Therapy Revealed” CD – an exclusive resource in the upcoming “Referral Ignition” program.

PS – what I found particularly fascinating was the way Laura defined her market, identified what it took to find her prospects, and market to them directly. There is an untapped world of patients waiting for you. You just have to look in the right places.


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