The Importance Of Consistent Client Communication

DAPPER ESSENTIALSAs physical therapists and fitness professionals,  we have been conditioned to treat and heal patients.

At the end of the treatment process, the patient is usually grateful and brings a gift or sends a card, which we display in our office.

Unfortunately, the relationship usually ends there.

To be successful physical therapy business
, a clinic must educate and empower the patient, and the best way to achieve this is to communicate with the patient post-discharge using a consistent, information driven mechanism.

An empowered patient is a well treated patient.

Consistency of communication and the quality of information disseminated to the patient set the foundation for a long standing patient relationship, which can be worth thousands of dollars per year for the clinic.

Consistency of contact begins with personal communication during the visit and phone / postcard / email follow up after the visit. By educating your patients, physicians and local media to recognize your physical therapy business clinic as a local authority in your field/specialization of therapy, your clinic will instantly stand out.

So how do you make your clinic stand out, and increase your potential to command cash-paying programs? How would you get your client to spend more?

In order to make your clinic stand out as the first healthcare choice and to build a steady and predictable flow of high-value patients, your clinic must offer a broad range of services and 2-3 specific programs that enable you to stand out as a provider.

Examples of such programs include fall prevention for seniors, pre and post-pregnancy physical therapy, injury prevention for athletes, fitness and lifestyle management programs, etc.

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