The Most Successful Physical Therapy Marketing Resources

Being a physical therapist you know how important it is to generate new business for your practice. In fact, it is a crucial aspect of your business. As long as you have patients walking in, all other aspects of your practice will fall in to place.  There is no point in being really skilled in your profession if you people don’t know about your skills. Publicizing your expertise and services is the key to winning business.

Just advertising yourself as a physical therapist is not going to take you very far. You have to create a brand for yourself that differentiates you from other therapists. For instance, you could create a special technique, name it and build up your reputation using that as your USP. You should have something exciting to say for people to sit up and take notice.

The next step is to use the right physical therapy marketing resources to communicate your message. There are a host of physical therapy marketing resources you can choose from such as patient information sheets, newsletters, handouts, brochures, letters to referring doctors and phone scripts. Depending on the mode of communication, tailor your publicity material. For example, you could send out brochures to your local community mentioning the services you provide and at the same time, invite people to come for an ‘open’ clinic on a particular day. This type of publicity spread much faster than you think.

The most useful marketing tools are newsletters that you can circulate among your patients to keep them updated about your services. These newsletters can be sent out on a fortnightly basis so that you keep your patients informed about anything new and yet do not come across as aggressive. Handouts are effective physical therapy marketing resources as they are part of the treatment and yet they indirectly market your skills. They are also an effective tool for maintaining a rapport with your patients. You could also create a separate set of handouts for doctors who are likely to refer their patients to you.

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