The New Opportunity in Medicare (for PT Private Practice)

All Medicare providers have been impacted by the recent multiple procedure payment reduction (MPPR) and sequestration cuts.

The APTA has estimated a 7-8% payment reduction. In fact, they’ve said that some practices will go out of business.

old-woman-in-pool1This affects over 80 million Americans, and the thousands of PT private practices that treat them.

Having said that, baby boomers is a large, untapped market for wellness and post rehab programs.

Any PT practice can bridge this gap by thinking outside the box and creating new opportunities.

In fact, there are ‘segments within segments’ with senior wellness including:

  • Fall preventionold-man-on-floor
  • Core stabilization
  • Functional training
  • Weight management
  • Golf biomechanics
  • Diabetes treatment

And if you want to learn more about how to set any of these up in your practice, I have just the right expert for you in a live audio conference called “The new Medicare opportunity”

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danritchieweb-241x300On Thursday, May 23rd at 6 pm EDT, I’ll interview Dan Ritchie, PhD in Kinesiology with an emphasis on gerontology.  Dan is the author of “I will never grow old – Authoritative guide to fitness and aging” and owner of Miracles Fitness in West Lafayette, Indiana, focused on boomers and seniors.

His fitness center has an integrated PT / OT clinic and his business passes fitness and physical therapy patients back and forth.

I’ve convinced Dan to spill the beans on his entire business model in a 45 minute LIVE audio conference for my valued readers.

In fact, I’ve tried to go the extra mile for you, because this won’t cost you a thing.

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PS – the date is May 23rd at 6 pm EDT and this might make or break your practice.We don’t plan to record it. Register now, because space is limited.


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